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Fenix ALF-18 Battery Holder

Fenix ALF-18 Battery Holder

The Fenix ALF-18 Battery Holder makes your 18650 battery compatible with 21700 flashlights. Simply insert the battery into the holder, et voilĂ ! - your 18650 is now big enough to power 21700 battery compartments.

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Made of durable PC + ABS materials, the Fenix ALF-18 Battery Holder makes 18650 batteries compatible with 21700 flashlights. Features a copper plated positive contact, and weighs only 6g.

Fenix ALF-18 Battery Holder

  • PC + ABD Materials
  • Copper Plated Positive Contact
  • Size: 6.1cm x 2.1 cm
  • Weight: 6g
  • Battery not included



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