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Usable under any conditions and in any weather, firesteels can light stoves and fires and even act as a signal flare.

Our Firesteels

We stock only the best in Firesteels so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Kupilka Firesteel 8
Kupilka Firesteel 8The Kupilka Firesteel 8 firesteel features an 8mm diameter European sourced ferrocerium rod, an ethically produced reindeer leather lanyard, and a large (can be used with mitts on) handle made from Kupilka's unique Kareline bio-material.
Exotac fireROD Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder Capsule
Exotac fireROD Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder CapsuleThe Exotac fireRod is a ferrocerium firesteel that features a replaceable rod (when worn), and an air-tight screw-top capsule for the storage of tinder, water purification tabs, etc..
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO - Scout Model
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO - Scout ModelThe updated BIO 2.0 Scout firesteel now uses bio plastics, and retains it's combo striker/emergency whistle. Rated to 3,000 strikes with a 3000℃ spark, the Scout is perfect for lighting stoves, fires, barbecues or as an emergency signal.
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO  - Army Model
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO - Army ModelNewly updated with bio-based plastics, the Swedish Firesteel BIO Army provides a dependable, waterproof 3000℃ spark that makes fire lighting easy in all types of weather, or at any altitude.
Mora Companion Spark Knife
Mora Companion Spark KnifeThe new Mora Companion Spark combines Mora's Companion outdoor knife with an integrated 4cm long firesteel that stores in the handle via a click lock, and includes a length of reflective paracord for a lanyard.
Exotac fireROD Ferro Rod Refill Kit
Exotac fireROD Ferro Rod Refill KitReplacement ferrocerium rods for the Exotac fireROD.
EOG "Weatherproof" 3-Peice Bellowing KitThe EOG "Weatherproof" 3-Piece Bellowing Kit is comprised of three items: EOG's Baddest Bee fire fuses (8 pieces), an EZ Ignite firesteel, and EOG's Pocket Bellows. The fire fuses and firesteel provides the user with the means to start a fire in windy/rainy/inclement weather, and then by using the Pocket Bellows, the ability to quickly ramp up flames even with wet or punky wood.

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