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Fire Making

While most outdoor use will consist of lighting stoves and getting campfires going, having a least a couple of methods on hand, and especially one on your physical person while outdoors is good practice, as should an emergency situation develop, possessing the means of making fire provides the possibility of keeping warm, purifying water, and being able to signal for help.
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About Fire Making

Homo sapiens sapiens have relied upon fire (and language) to spread to the four corners of the earth. Fire was kept by our ancestors for millennia before it was discovered that it could be made. The making of fire opened up new frontiers, and like language, has many variations and methods. Flint and steel kits hearken back to a bygone era - get good at this on a drizzly, windy 4°C day, and you’ve really earned your stripes. Fire pistons use technology developed by tribesmen in Indonesia to coax embers from devices using compressed air. Good ‘ol stormproof matches use 19th century chemistry to produce a flame, while firesteels use a man made metallic alloy to give off a 3000°C spark.

Types of Fire Making

Firesteels Usable under any conditions and in any weather, firesteels can light stoves and fires and even act as a signal flare.
Matches Stormproof matches light in any conditions, and provide a long burn time to get your fire going.
Flint & Steels Hearkening back to a bygone era, flint and steels produce sparks for igniting tinder.
Fire Pistons Fire pistons use compressed air and materials in the environment to ignite tinder and produce a flame.
Lighters Lighters provide a refillable, dependable combustion source that one can keep at the ready.
Charcloth & Tinder A key component for many fire making methods, charcloth and tinder are the bridge between a spark and a flame.
Pocket Bellows Pocket Bellows are an ingenious device that allow for the speedy oxygenation of fires - extremely handy with wet wood.
Candles Bees wax candles provide an all-natural light source - and they smell great too!

Our Fire Making

We stock only the best in Fire Making so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
EOG V3 Pocket Bellows
EOG V3 Pocket BellowsThe EOG V3 pocket bellows is an ingenious, compact, collapsable means of aerating a fire to increase core temperature, and fire output. Highly focussed and directional, the pocket bellows are extremely handy when trying to get a fire going with wet wood, or for ramping up a camp fire when adding fuel.
Steel Striker for Flint and Steel
Steel Striker for Flint and Steel Striker to use with your flint piece, comes in two different configurations, a U shape and a C shape
Flint and Steel Kit
Flint and Steel KitFlint and Steel Kits are for those who like their firemaking old school style. Our flint and steel kits include a flint, a steel, charcloth (for an ember), and jute rope (for tinder).
Flint Piece
Flint Piece Single piece of flint for starting fires
Firestix Bark & Spruce Resin Tinder
Firestix Bark & Spruce Resin TinderFirestix firestarters are hand picked, and fully produced in northern Saskatchewan by several First Nations communities. This all natural mix of bark and resin provides a long lasting tinder that not only works great, but smells amazing! Made in Canada.
Kupilka Firesteel 8
Kupilka Firesteel 8The Kupilka Firesteel 8 firesteel features an 8mm diameter European sourced ferrocerium rod, an ethically produced reindeer leather lanyard, and a large (can be used with mitts on) handle made from Kupilka's unique Kareline bio-material.
Brass Hudsons Bay Tobacco Tin Fire Kit
Brass Hudsons Bay Tobacco Tin Fire KitHudson's Bay style tobacco box with flint and steel fire kit - get in touch with your inner voyageur.
Char Cord / Char Rope
Char Cord / Char RopeChar cord (like char cloth) is used to catch a spark, and begin the combustion sequence - furthered by adding tinder to the lit char cord. The advantage of using cord (as opposed to cloth), is that the ember smoulders both hotter, and more slowly, thereby using the fuel material more efficiently.
Exotac TitanLIGHT Lighter
Exotac TitanLIGHT LighterThe titanLIGHT is a precision machined, ultra-durable waterproof lighter that uses two o-ring seals to prevent your fuel from evaporating or leaking when it's not in use. The titanLIGHT features an easily replaceable flint wheel, and uses standard lighter fluid as fuel (Zippo or equivalent).
TERA-Light Mini Fire Piston
TERA-Light Mini Fire PistonThe TERA-Light (Thermal Energy Released From Atmosphere) mini fire piston is the smaller brother of the TERA-Light fire piston. Measuring only 8.6 cm long with a diameter of 2 cm, the TERA-Light mini fire piston packs easily into a pocket or pouch, and like all fire pistons provides a means of making fire using natural materials found in the environment in all types of weather.
Trekker Brass Candle Lantern
Trekker Brass Candle LanternThe Trekker brass candle lantern is a handy, compact candle lantern with foldable handles that helps focus and increase the brightness of candles when using them as a light source. Made in the USA, the Trekker brass lantern is equally at home at a campsite, in a winter tent, at home or at the cottage.
Exotac Matchcap Refill Kits
Exotac Matchcap Refill KitsRefill kits providing extra striking surfaces and o-rings for Exotac Matchcap and Matcap XL kits.
Exotac titanLIGHT Flint Kit
Exotac titanLIGHT Flint KitThis kit has 5 replacement flints for when the flint on your titanLIGHT Lighter wears down and need replacing. It also comes with two replacement o-rings.
Exotac Matchcap XL Waterproof Match Case
Exotac Matchcap XL Waterproof Match CaseThe Exotac Matchcap XL is a waterproof gasketed matchcase that can store 40 kitchen matches, or 25 stormproof matches. It comes with two strikers, a large grip area, and extra capacity for tinder or water purifications tablets. Precision milled in the USA.
Stormproof Matches
Stormproof MatchesUnlike other “waterproof” or “windproof” matches, our stormproof matches are easy to light, and will stay lit for up to 15 seconds, even after being submerged in water - yes, it's true!
Bee's Wax Candles
Bee's Wax CandlesOur bee's wax candles come from Ontario apiaries, and are available in five sizes: 40, 35 and 20 hour emergency candles, a smaller lantern candle, and bee's wax tea lights.
Exotac fireROD Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder Capsule
Exotac fireROD Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder CapsuleThe Exotac fireRod is a ferrocerium firesteel that features a replaceable rod (when worn), and an air-tight screw-top capsule for the storage of tinder, water purification tabs, etc..
Stormproof Match Kit
Stormproof Match KitThe UCO Stormproof Match Kit is a waterproof case that includes 25 stormproof matches and 3 strikers. The case features an integrated striker on the outside to provide an easy location for lighting matches and can hold up to 40 matches.
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO - Scout Model
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO - Scout ModelThe updated BIO 2.0 Scout firesteel now uses bio plastics, and retains it's combo striker/emergency whistle. Rated to 3,000 strikes with a 3000℃ spark, the Scout is perfect for lighting stoves, fires, barbecues or as an emergency signal.
Exotac fireROD XL Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder Capsule
Exotac fireROD XL Replaceable Firesteel with Tinder CapsuleFor those feeling insecure about the size of their firesteel, Exotac presents the fireROD XL - measuring 9cm long x 1.2cm in diameter, the fireROD provides plenty of sparking power, as well as a generous tinder capsule for firestarting materials or water purification tabs, 4 quickLIGHT firestarters, and 30 cm of repair tape. Go big or go home!
EOG Baddest Bee Fire Fuses
EOG Baddest Bee Fire FusesEOG Baddest Bee Fire Fuses are 100% organic bee's wax and olive oil based cotton tinder torches that act as an initial combustion source when making fires - especially useful in breezy or inclement weather. Lasting several minutes, Baddest Bee Fire Fuses can be lit with lighters, matches, a firesteel, or even a flint and steel.
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO  - Army Model
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel BIO - Army ModelNewly updated with bio-based plastics, the Swedish Firesteel BIO Army provides a dependable, waterproof 3000℃ spark that makes fire lighting easy in all types of weather, or at any altitude.
Exotac fireROD Ferro Rod Refill Kit
Exotac fireROD Ferro Rod Refill KitReplacement ferrocerium rods for the Exotac fireROD.
Char Cloth Kit
Char Cloth KitChar cloth makes great tinder for firepistons, flint and steels, and general fire lighting. But what do you do when you run out of char cloth? Make more char cloth of course!
Exotac fireROD XL Ferro Rod Refill Kit
Exotac fireROD XL Ferro Rod Refill KitReplacement ferrocerium rod for the Exotac fireROD XL.
1700's English Fire Kit - Brass
1700's English Fire Kit - BrassOur Brass 1700's English Fire Kit features kit once carried by trappers, traders, soldiers and frontiersmen. Includes a steel striker, flint, jute rope and charcloth - all housed in a brass friction fit tin. Made in the USA.
Fire Piston - Survival Fire Pen II Model
Fire Piston - Survival Fire Pen II ModelThe Survival Pen Fire Piston is the size of a ballpoint pen, has a relief valve (2nd generation design), and features an optional hidden ferro rod.
Casstrom Army Firesteel
Casstrom Army FiresteelCasström's Army Firesteel are high-quality, European-made ferrocerium rods for use in all weather and conditions. They feature 9.5 mm (0.4") diameter rod rated for 12,000+ strikes.
Mora Companion Spark Knife
Mora Companion Spark KnifeThe new Mora Companion Spark combines Mora's Companion outdoor knife with an integrated 4cm long firesteel that stores in the handle via a click lock, and includes a length of reflective paracord for a lanyard.
Exotac titanLIGHT Wick Replacements
Exotac titanLIGHT Wick ReplacementsReplacement wicks for the Exotac TitanLIGHT lighters - sold in packs of two.
Exotac titanLIGHT Flame Guard Pin
Exotac titanLIGHT Flame Guard PinThe Exotac titanLIGHT flame guard pin is a replacement part for the refillable, waterproof titanLIGHT lighter.
TERA-Light Fire Piston
Sold Out TERA-Light Fire PistonThe TERA-Light (Thermal Energy Released From Atmosphere) fire piston features precision CNC manufacturing and state of the art compression fire starting technology. The compact size is perfect for pocket, pack or belt carry, and the TERA-Light II features a hidden firesteel that provides a secondary fire making method.
Sold Out EOG "Weatherproof" 3-Peice Bellowing KitThe EOG "Weatherproof" 3-Piece Bellowing Kit is comprised of three items: EOG's Baddest Bee fire fuses (8 pieces), an EZ Ignite firesteel, and EOG's Pocket Bellows. The fire fuses and firesteel provides the user with the means to start a fire in windy/rainy/inclement weather, and then by using the Pocket Bellows, the ability to quickly ramp up flames even with wet or punky wood.
Leather Mounted Magnifying Lens
Sold Out Leather Mounted Magnifying LensDesigned to be carried around the neck, this leather mounted magnifying lens with lanyard sports a 50mm (2") lens with 6x magnification that can be used for general magnification (reading, plant id, etc..), or as a fire starting tool.

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