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Gifts for Bushcrafters

Bushcraft is a of skillsets and working with materials in one's environment in a respectful way to provide the necessities not only survive, but to thrive.
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Bushcraft Essentials
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Cooke Custom Sewing
Frost River
Gränsfors Bruk
Ivanhoe of Sweden
Juan Pablo Quinonez
Knife & Axe
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Purcell Trench
TBS Outdoor
Woolpower Ostersund

About Gifts for Bushcrafters

Give the Bushcrafter in your life a gift they'll love. Bushcraft is a of skillsets and working with materials in one's environment in a respectful way to provide the necessities not only survive, but to thrive.

Our Gifts for Bushcrafters

We stock only the best in Gifts for Bushcrafters so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Flint Piece
Flint Piece Single piece of flint for starting fires
Ivanhoe Windy Hat WB
Ivanhoe Windy Hat WBThe Ivanhoe Windy hat is a wool blend (merino wool/tencel) toque that includes an internal synthetic liner to block the wind - perfect on those blustery, blizzard-y days when the use of hoods would be required with standard wool toques and beanies. Made in Sweden.
Firebox Titanium Nano X-Case Kit
Firebox Titanium Nano X-Case KitThe Firebox Titanium Nano X-Case Kit features Firebox's Ti (titanium) Nano stick stove, their X-Case kit, and a cloth bag for the utmost in lightweight, compact stick stove cooking.
Viking Pendant Whetstone
Viking Pendant WhetstoneThe Viking Pendant Whetstone is a handy, wearable, 600 - 800 grit sharpening stone of Arkansas novaculite, that features a beveled edge (for knives), a rounded edge (for serrated edges), and a groove for fish hooks, and can be used dry, with water, or oil. Comes with an adjustable leather cord. Made in the USA.
Hestra Original Leather Balm
Hestra Original Leather BalmHestra Leather Balm is an all-natural conditioner and water proofing treatment for leather gloves that formulated from neatsfoot oil, lanolin, beeswax, and caranuba wax, and helps to keep your gloves looking and performing at their best.
Bushbox LF Set
Bushbox LF SetThe Bushbox LF set includes a Bushbox LF stove, Universal grate (for use with alternate fuel choices, or as a grill), and a heavy-duty cordura carrying case.
Stormproof Matches
Stormproof MatchesThe Starflash® signal mirror is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and floats!
Alcohol Burner Cross Members
Alcohol Burner Cross MembersFor those looking to go ultra-light, this compact and simple addition to a Trangia spirit burner turns it into a stand alone stove.
Mors Kochanski - Basic Safe Travel & Boreal Survival Handbook
Mors Kochanski - Basic Safe Travel & Boreal Survival HandbookWhile Mors Kochanski’s much loved “Bushcraft" is devoted mostly to the use of nature as the source of materials to live comfortably in the bush, his new title “Basic Safe Travel & Boreal Survival Handbook" goes into great length on how to cope with the major stresses one is apt to encounter when survival is one’s prime concern - including: dehydration, hypothermia, sleep deprivation, sleeping bags, bush beds and shelters, warming and signal fires, knife skills, useful knots, and conduct on bear country plus sections on navigation, map and compass skills, and crossing rivers safely.
Fenix PD36R V2.0 Flashlight
Fenix PD36R V2.0 FlashlightThe Fenix PD36R V2.0 has a max output of 1700 Lumens on the turbo setting which casts a beam distance of 396m. The PD36R V2.0 has been IP68 waterproof rated, allowing it to withstand being underwater up to 2m for 30 minutes, and has an innovative two-way body clip that attaches to backpacks, belts and clothes. New fast charging allows the battery to be charged in the light in a mere 2.5 hours.
Purcell Trench Streamside Voyageurs Grill
Purcell Trench Streamside Voyageurs GrillThe Purcell Trench Streamside Voyageurs Grill is superior for burgers, fish and small vegetables. It features two stays and a full covering of stainless steel mesh TIG welded to the frame and tacked to the two stays to help stabilize and minimize warp.
Bushbox LF Stick Stove
Bushbox LF Stick StoveThe Bushbox LF stick stove is Bushbox's newest stove that sits in the "goldilocks" zone between the original Bushbox stove, and the Bushbox XL.
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Winter Edition
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Winter EditionCovering the other great time of year to get outdoors, the much revered Swedish elder statesman of bushcraft, military survival, and outdoor living Lars Fält brings you Outdoors the Scandinavian Way (Winter Edition). This book provides an in depth overview of winter gear and equipment, food and drink, safety and medical emergencies, weather, navigation, group dynamics, snow shelters and much more. Written in a clear, informative style and accompanied by colour illustrations.
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using an Axe
Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Using an AxeLars Fält's guide for all things Axe: axe history, what you can use an axe for, how to safely use one, how to correctly sharpen an axe, how to replace an axe handle, how to care for it. Lars Fält has a long and storied history in the Swedish outdoor and survival community, and is responsible for the design of the Gransfors Bruk Outdoor Axe.
Gransfors Bruk Leather Wax
Gransfors Bruk Leather WaxGränsfors Bruk Leather Wax is made from 100% raw natural ingredients, and is designed to care for and make leather sheaths water-repellent, thereby extending their lifespan. Made in Sweden.
Purcell Trench Streamside Traveler Grill
Purcell Trench Streamside Traveler GrillThe Purcell Trench Streamside Traveller is suitable for burgers, fish, veggies and small items on it's stainless steel mesh over original Purcell Trench Traveler frame. Made in the USA from US steel, the Steamside Traveler provides a lightweight, sturdy and durable compact grill for groups of one to four or five.
Out On The Land - Ray Mears and Lars Fält
Out On The Land - Ray Mears and Lars FältOut On The Land by Ray Mears and Lars Fält pairs two of bushcraft's holy trinity (the third being Mors Kochanski), and is a vast, fascinating look at the landscape, peoples, cultures, and wilderness of the boreal forest.
Thrive - Long Term Survival Guide
Thrive - Long Term Survival GuideJuan Pablo Quinonez: survival specialist, outdoor professional, and winner of The History Channel's "Alone" Season 9, has written an excellent guide to all things survival, bushcraft and living off the land in the boreal forest in "Thrive - Long Term Wilderness Survival Guide". Complete with step-by-step instructions, skills, tips and over 400 illustrations, it's an excellent resource and guide.
Helle Audun Limited Edition Knife
Helle Audun Limited Edition KnifeThe Special Limited Edition Helle Audun knife is named after chief handle maker Audun Erikstad - who has worked at the Helle factory for over 50 years. Drawing from traditional and contemporary handle design, the Audun features a reindeer antler and dyed curly birch handle, and a laminate stainless steel (H3LS) blade. The hand made leather sheath sports a birch tree - as a handle maker, Audun loves the enduring beauty of birch - especially in the springtime.
Casstrom Woodsman Knife
Casstrom Woodsman KnifeThe Casström Woodsman knife was designed by UK knifemaker Roger Harrington, and is a tough, full tang bushcraft and outdoor knife that features a 3.5" (89mm) long Scandinavian ground blade in Sleipner carbon tool steel. Available with or without matching firesteel.
Bushmen ULTRALIGHT Tarp The Bushmen Ultralight 3x3 (10'x10') tarp is consructed from 100% waterproof ultralight 15D silnylon with a micro rip-stop weave, and features loop reinforcements that are hot welded, thereby creating a strong, permanent bond with the with the silicone layer. Great for hikers, solo canoeist and campers, the Bushmen Ultralight tarp packs up small and light - coming in at one pound (480g). Made in Poland.
Savotta Zipped GP Pouches
Savotta Zipped GP PouchesSavotta Zipped GP Pouches are general purpose utility pouches with internal elastic loops and tie-down points that are perfect for stowing flashlights, multi-tools, compasses, snacks, gloves or other small items, and can be worn on a belt, or attached to packs via the included PALS webbing and attachment straps.
Frost River Northstar Expedition Pack
Frost River Northstar Expedition PackThe Frost River Northstar Expedition Pack is derived from the Frost River Sportsman’s Pack, but constructed from heavyweight 18oz waxed canvas. The Northstar sports three exterior pockets (one on each side, and one on the front), two slip pockets (for axes or saws), extra-long flap straps, and lash squares. Handmade in the USA.
Woolpower Jamtlann Beanie
Sold Out Woolpower Jamtlann BeanieWoolpower’s Jamtlann Beanie (aka toque) is a thick, knitted merino wool winter toque with a distinctive pattern inspired by traditional textiles found throughout northern Sweden in places such as Jämtland and Härjedalen.
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