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Thrive - Long Term Wilderness Survival Guide

Thrive - Long Term Wilderness Survival Guide

Juan Pablo Quinonez: survival specialist, outdoor professional, and winner of The History Channel's "Alone" Season 9, has written an excellent guide to all things survival, bushcraft and living off the land in the boreal forest in "Thrive - Long Term Wilderness Survival Guide". Complete with step-by-step instructions, skills, tips and over 400 illustrations, it's an excellent resource and guide.
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"Thrive - Long Term Survival Guide" by Juan Pablo Quinonez is a no-nonsense, modern survival skills guide with bushcraft techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to survive in the boreal forest in all times of year for multiple days. Complete with over 400 illustrations, Thrive reflects the latest in survival knowledge and gear and covers topics such as mental resilience and last-resort first aid techniques. As winner of the History Channel's "Alone" Season 9, as well having been an outdoor professional for over a decade, Juan Pablo Quinonez is uniquely qualified to impart the preparations, skills and techniques that matter most when improvising and surviving in the wilderness.

From essential hunting and gathering techniques to advanced fire skills and strategies for coping with wilderness hazards, this complete guide includes:

  • Preparation: Hard-earned survival wisdom and preparation essentials, such as making a personal survival kit and choosing the right gear
  • Long-term shelters: Finding the best location, constructing an appropriate shelter, protecting yourself from the elements, and staying warm
  • Food: What to focus your hunting-gathering efforts on, where to find it, and how to prepare it
  • Self-sufficiency: Hunting, trapping, fishing, and foraging for subsistence—and surviving alone or as a group for an extended time
  • Bushcraft: Knife and axe skills, clay, basketry, knots, cordage, gear recommendations, and improvised tools
  • Winter: Traveling on snow and ice, tips for dealing with extreme cold, and clothing recommendations
  • Health: Preventing and dealing with the most common health issues in long-term survival

Paperback, 481pages with over 400 illustrations


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