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Gifts for Kids

Getting kids into the outdoors is not only a sacred trust, but an investment in both their and society's futures.
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Fisher Space Pens
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About Gifts for Kids

Getting kids into the outdoors is an investment in both their and society's futures. Give kids a gift that will encourage them to enjoy the outdoors with our holiday gift guide for kids.

Our Gifts for Kids

We stock only the best in Gifts for Kids so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/m
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/mCold feet? Not with Woolpower socks - combine different weights to keep your feet toasty in any conditions.
Jaakari S ((Mini Jääkäri Daypack)
Jaakari S ((Mini Jääkäri Daypack)The Jaakari S daypack is at heart, a compact, scaled down Jaakari M backpack that has a capacity range from 20 - 25L, but can be overpacked to 30L, and features plenty of MOLLE attachment points for cycling, running, skiing, hunting, as well as every day urban use or as a carry-on bag when travelling.
EOG V3 Pocket Bellows
EOG V3 Pocket BellowsThe EOG V3 pocket bellows is an ingenious, compact, collapsable means of aerating a fire to increase core temperature, and fire output. Highly focussed and directional, the pocket bellows are extremely handy when trying to get a fire going with wet wood, or for ramping up a camp fire when adding fuel.
Baby's First Knife
Baby's First KnifeBaby's First Knife is a Canadian made, wooden toy knife designed to spark the imagination and plant the seeds for outdoor adventures in youngsters and toddlers.
Baby's First Axe
Baby's First AxeBaby's First Axe is a Canadian made, wooden toy axe designed to plant splitting, limbing and felling seeds in the minds and imaginations of toddlers and youngsters.
Kupilka Sporks
Kupilka SporksKupilka sporks are rugged, durable, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and do not absorb tastes or odours. Made in Finland.
Savotta Hatka 12L Daypack
Savotta Hatka 12L DaypackThe Savotta Hatka 12L is simultaneously a 12L daypack, and a modular pack that can be attached onto Savotta's larger hiking packs for grab and go functionality while at camp.
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins
Trangia Aluminum Mess TinsTrangia's aluminum mess tins are great multi-purpose containers for valuables, breakables, gear, food, survival kits, and can even be used to boil water in a pinch!
Kupilka Cup Classic
Kupilka Cup ClassicThe Kupilka cup is made from Kareline: a bio material of 50% cellulose from wood fibre (from managed forests), and 50% thermoplastic. This makes for a BPA-free, food safe, rugged, hard wearing material that is dishwasher safe, and imparts no flavour or odours even after extensive use.
Firestix Bark & Spruce Resin Tinder
Firestix Bark & Spruce Resin TinderFirestix firestarters are hand picked, and fully produced in northern Saskatchewan by several First Nations communities. This all natural mix of bark and resin provides a long lasting tinder that not only works great, but smells amazing! Made in Canada.
Woolpower Sit Pad
Woolpower Sit PadMade from the offcuts and trimmed material of the Woolpower garment making process, Woolpower Sit Pads are the perfect companion when at the arena, stadium, or in a camp chair when sitting 'round the fire in the fall or spring.
Fisher Backpacker Pen
Fisher Backpacker Pen Fisher Backpacker Space Pens are available in two colours, that make it easy to find if you happen to set it down during any of your adventures. The ring on top of the cap allows you to attach it around your neck via lanyard or simply add it to your key ring so you're never without a writing utensil. Fisher space pens are guaranteed to write in the most extreme of conditions: underwater, upside-down and in temps from -40°C to +120°C!
Kupilka Junior Spork 165
Kupilka Junior Spork 165Never worry about deciding if you want to use a fork or a spoon again, this Kupilka Spork has both! Designed with children in mind this spork is smaller than Kupilka's other cutlery but is also perfectly suitable for smaller adults as well.
Helle Speiderkniven Knife
Helle Speiderkniven KnifeFor over 50 years, this knife has been the scout's first choice. Made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, it features a double finger guard, keeping kids safe while learning how to use and care for their knife. The perfect starter knife for the budding outdoors person.
Kupilka Bowl Junior
Kupilka Bowl JuniorNew to the Kupilka lineup, their Junior series adds a new twist to the ultimate camp dish - designed for children and smaller serving portions.
Stormproof Matches
Stormproof MatchesThe Starflash® signal mirror is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and floats!
Ontario Animal Tracks
Ontario Animal TracksOntario Animal Tracks will help you identify tracks of all shapes and sizes, from the Deer Mouse to the White-tailed Deer. This book is perfect for children, teachers, parents, backwoods explorers and naturalists.
Helle Speider Knife
Helle Speider KnifeThe Helle Speider is a scout knife with a finger guard - excellent for kids who have outgrown their Speiderknivens, or for anyone who would like a solid, general purpose knife with a guard.
Knots for Kids
Knots for KidsThe ability to tie the proper knot for a given application is an often overlooked, though essential element of one’s outdoor repertoire. Teaching kids these skills early sets them up for success not only in their their outdoor pursuits, now and throughout their lives, but in many aspects of everyday life as well.
Get Outside Children's Book
Get Outside Children's BookGet Outside is an illustrated hardcover book to teach and inspire your little wild ones about the ABC's of the great outdoors, and all the wonderful ways it can be enjoyed.
Spirit Animals - The Wisdom of Nature
Spirit Animals - The Wisdom of NatureSpirit Animals - The Wisdom of Nature is a timeless book authored by award winning and acclaimed Aboriginal writer Wayne Arthurson. In this book he dives into the world of spirit animals to showcase the intrinsic link between the spirituality of Canada's Native peoples and how it was formed by observing the natural world around them.
Weather of Ontario
Weather of OntarioHere in Ontario, the weather can range from mild and wet in the south, to hot and humid in Toronto, to heavy flurries and cold in the north. Join acclaimed Ontario meteorologist Phil ''The Forecaster'' Chadwick as he explores this ever-fascinating subject.
Spirit Animals
Spirit AnimalsOur Aboriginal Elders tell of a time when animals and humans could speak to each other. When humans became too greedy and killed more animals than they needed for food, the Creator changed that relationship to protect the animals. So the Creator made a Spirit Animal to represent each one and granted them gifts they could give to people.
Helle Spire Knife
Helle Spire KnifeThe Helle Spire knife is the younger sibling of the Helle Gro knife, and is designed for kids who are in the process of learning proper knife use and handling skills. Designed with a blunted tip, the 2½" (67 mm) blade of Sandvik 12C27, and smaller sized 88mm handle provides adult level performance in a kid friendly size.
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