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Gränsfors Bruk Woodworking Axes

Gränsfors Bruk Woodworking Axes are models that are designed for carpentry and log building and also includes drawknives and froes.
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Our Gränsfors Bruk Woodworking Axes

We stock only the best in Gränsfors Bruk Woodworking Axes so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Gränsfors Bruk Carpenter's Axe
Gränsfors Bruk Carpenter's AxeThe Gransfors Bruk Carpenter's Axe features a straight edged, thin profile blade that is perfectly suited for precision notching, shaving and other carving tasks. The straight hickory handle supports a variety of grips throughout its length, and the blade itself supports a balanced grip on the head itself when doing finer work.
Gransfors Bruk Froe
Sold Out Gransfors Bruk FroeThe Gränsfors Bruks Froe is traditionally used to split wood very finely for making roof shingles. The handle is removable, allowing you to pack it in and out of remote locations with ease.
Gränsfors Bruk Swedish Drawknife
Sold Out Gränsfors Bruk Swedish DrawknifeUsed for debarking and shaping of logs, the Gransfors Bruk Swedish Drawknife features large protruding handles for maximum power and control, and provides the means to plain shallowly, or cut more deeply depending on the angle applied by the user. Comes with a 20 year guarantee.
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