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Mess Tins

Mess tins make great survival kit holders, general storage, ammo tins, and can be used to boil water in a pinch.
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About Mess Tins

Mess tins are very handy containers, as they perform double duty: as a package to store valuables and supplies, and as a cookpot for boiling water, or preparing meals. Trangia’s Swedish made mess tins are available in two sizes, and come with or without a foldable handle that collapses during transport. Featuring rounded edges that make for easier cleaning, they are perfect for storing batteries, tinder, flashlights, matches, water purification tablets, and emergency supplies or rations. When being used as cooking vessels, they can be used over stoves, or over an open fire.

Our Mess Tins

We stock only the best in Mess Tins so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle)
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle)Updated with red high visibility handles, Trangia's aluminum mess tins are great multi-purpose containers for gear, survival kits, valuables, breakables, etc.. and can even be used to cook and boil water in a pinch!
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins
Trangia Aluminum Mess TinsTrangia's aluminum mess tins are great multi-purpose containers for valuables, breakables, gear, food, survival kits, and can even be used to boil water in a pinch!
Trangia Mess Tin Multi-Disc
Trangia Mess Tin Multi-DiscTrangia's new multi-disc for mess tins is made from bio-based plastics, and provides the means to strain noodles or rice cooked in the mess tin, as well measures for wet/dry ingredients (rice/pancake mix/etc..). The mess tin multi-disc also functions as a small cutting board, and stows inside the mess tin when not in use - ingenious!
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