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Containers & Tins

Mess tins, survival containers, pill boxes, snuff boxes, tobacco tins and more - we've got all your outdoor, camping, hunting and trekking container needs covered.
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About Containers & Tins

Having a good time in the outdoors necessitates bringing materials out with you: matches, tinder, fuel, batteries, medical kits, emergency supplies, etc. Having something to store and organize them in is essential. We’ve got made in the USA historical friction fit snuff boxes, Hudson’s Bay tins and match cases, as well as Swedish made friction fit mess tins for storing kit as well as cooking and boiling water in an emergency.

Types of Containers & Tins

Voyageur Tins Antique voyageur style tobacco boxes, pill boxes, snuff boxes and fire kits.
Mess Tins Mess tins make great survival kit holders, general storage, ammo tins, and can be used to boil water in a pinch.
Match Cases Match cases keep your matches and other valuables (batteries, medication, tinder) dry and secure.

Our Containers & Tins

We stock only the best in Containers & Tins so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Exotac Matchcap XL Waterproof Match Case
Exotac Matchcap XL Waterproof Match CaseThe Exotac Matchcap XL is a waterproof gasketed matchcase that can store 40 kitchen matches, or 25 stormproof matches. It comes with two strikers, a large grip area, and extra capacity for tinder or water purifications tablets. Precision milled in the USA.
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle)
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle)Updated with red high visibility handles, Trangia's aluminum mess tins are great multi-purpose containers for gear, survival kits, valuables, breakables, etc.. and can even be used to cook and boil water in a pinch!
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins
Trangia Aluminum Mess TinsTrangia's aluminum mess tins are great multi-purpose containers for valuables, breakables, gear, food, survival kits, and can even be used to boil water in a pinch!
Exotac xREEL
Exotac xREELThe Exotac xREEL is an excellent addition for those looking to be ready for survival scenarios, but also looking to keep their gear compact and lightweight. The O-ring sealed compartment of the xREEL is filled with the bare necessities to catch small fish: 50 feet of 15lb test monofilament, 6 hooks, 6 sinkers and two floaters - while still leaving you some room to pack your favourite lures or jigs.
Voyageur Style Cap or Pill Box with Fleur De Lis
Voyageur Style Cap or Pill Box with Fleur De LisVoyageur style cap or pill boxes are great for storing tinder, ear plugs and other small valuables. Made from heavy gauge material in the USA.
Voyageur Style Cap or Pill Box
Voyageur Style Cap or Pill BoxUnadorned Voyageur style cap or pill boxes are great for storing small valuables - ear plugs, tinder, tobacco, etc.. Made from heavy gauge Brass or German Silver in the USA.
Snuff Box
Snuff BoxThis antique snuff box was mainly designed to carry snuff, but can be used for tinder, tobacco, batteries, flints etc... Available in brass, copper, and German silver.
1700's Tinder Box
1700's Tinder BoxThe 1700's style tinder box was carried by trappers, traders, voyageurs, coureurs de bois and was used for storing tinder and other valuables.
Hudson's Bay Tobacco Tin with Lens
Hudson's Bay Tobacco Tin with LensThe Hudson's Bay Tobacco Tin is a sturdy replication of a museum piece and one of many traditional ways to carry tobacco or a flint and steel fire kit. Nowadays, this handy pocket-sized tin can be used for just about anything you want to keep secure and crush-proof (tinder, batteries, etc..). Available in four different materials, this Hudson's Bay tin includes a 6x glass magnifying lens to help light twig stoves, camp fires, or read maps.
1790's Tinder Box
1790's Tinder BoxThis 1790's tinder box was used to carry tobacco, fire starting kit, patches, or many other uses. Hand-soldered with non-lead bearing solder. Made in the USA.
Trekker Brass Candle Lantern
Trekker Brass Candle LanternThe Trekker brass candle lantern is a handy, compact candle lantern with foldable handles that helps focus and increase the brightness of candles when using them as a light source. Made in the USA, the Trekker brass lantern is equally at home at a campsite, in a winter tent, at home or at the cottage.
Trangia Mess Tin Multi-Disc
Trangia Mess Tin Multi-DiscTrangia's new multi-disc for mess tins is made from bio-based plastics, and provides the means to strain noodles or rice cooked in the mess tin, as well measures for wet/dry ingredients (rice/pancake mix/etc..). The mess tin multi-disc also functions as a small cutting board, and stows inside the mess tin when not in use - ingenious!
1700's English Fire Kit - Brass
1700's English Fire Kit - BrassOur Brass 1700's English Fire Kit features kit once carried by trappers, traders, soldiers and frontiersmen. Includes a steel striker, flint, jute rope and charcloth - all housed in a brass friction fit tin. Made in the USA.
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