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Trangia Mess Tin Multi-Disc

Trangia Mess Tin Multi-Disc

Trangia's new multi-disc for mess tins is made from bio-based plastics, and provides the means to strain noodles or rice cooked in the mess tin, as well measures for wet/dry ingredients (rice/pancake mix/etc..). The mess tin multi-disc also functions as a small cutting board, and stows inside the mess tin when not in use - ingenious!
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True to Trangia's design ethos, the new mess tin multi-disc provides multiple uses and functionality when using Trangia's mess tins. Useful as emergency containers, Trangia's mess tins can be used to boil water or even prepare a meal. Made from EcoPaXX™ Polyamide from 70% Bio-based material, Trangia's new Mess Tin Multi-Disc functions as a strainer when cooking noodles or rice, and also serves as a measure for combining wet and dry ingredients (rice/quinoa/cous-cous/pancake mix/etc.) It can also serve as a small cutting board, and nests inside the mess tin when not in use.

The mess tin multi-disc is compatible with both large and small mess tins. Mess tins sold separately.

Made in Sweden


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