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Woolpower Mid Layer Jackets

Woolpower Merino Wool clothing is designed to bolster the thermal properties of base layers to offer an exponential increase in thermal protection.
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About Woolpower Mid Layers

Dressing in a mid and base layer system provides the most useful, flexible, and functional method of staying warm and comfortable when outdoors. Woolpower mid layers are merino wool clothing designed to bolster the thermal properties of base layers, and offer an exponential increase in warmth and thermal protection when used in conjunction with them.

Heavier weight material (400g/m² and 600g/m²) are used, which features Woolpower’s Ullfrotté original looped knitted material, and are available as full zip jackets, zip turtlenecks, and vests. In addition to supplementing moisture wicking of base layers, a Woolpower mid layer provides outstanding insulation and body heat retention. When worn with a base layer, all that is needed is a shell (nylon, cotton, wool) to shed water and wind - the base and mid-layers provide all thermal functions and regulate body temperature. Should temperatures rise, or activity increase, the mid layer can be opened to vent, or removed altogether, but is then available to add more protection should conditions change.

Our Woolpower Mid Layers

We stock only the best in Woolpower Mid Layers so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Full Zip Jacket
Woolpower Full Zip JacketThe perfect mid layer jacket- full zip sweater has high, reinforced collar and cuffs with thumb holes, and has a longer back to avoid gaps.

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