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MITI-001 Log Grill

MITI-001 Log Grill

The MITI-001 log grill is an ingenious made-in-Canada product that improves on the stability, controllability, and ease of creation and use of the Swedish fire torch (or Canadian candle) method of making a cooking fire. Laser cut from heavy duty stainless steel, the MITI-001 is sure to become a go-to tool for anyone looking to cook large pots and pans for groups or heat large quantities of water in a short time.
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The MITI-001 log grill (Miti means "log" in the Atikamekw language of the Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok First Nation) is an ingenious device that speeds up and improves the use and creation of the Swedish fire torch (aka Canadian candle) method of fire for cooking. Whereas a traditional Swedish fire torch requires one to not only saw a log suitable for use, but to also saw down the log in the direction of the grain multiple times (difficult with crosscut saws), the MITI-001 allows one to use an axe to split the log in quarters.

The MITI-001 also increases stability of the cooking surface, and allows for adjustment of fire intensity by adjusting the spread of the supporting quarters. Essentially operating like a large stick stove, and directing heat up into pots and pans on it's surface, the MITI-001 enables the heating of large quantities of water in very short order, or the cooking of large meals for groups with minimal firewood, and without constant feeding of the stove.

Perfect for scout troops, hunting parties, or family gatherings

The MITI-001 is made from heavy duty 1/8" 304L stainless steel, and includes 4 steel stabilizing rods.

Made in Canada

The MITI-001

MITI-001 Log Grill
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