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Moose & Deer Leather Mitts and Gloves

Moose and deer leather mitts and gloves that are made in Canada, from Canadian tanned hides - right here in Ontario.
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About Moose & Deer Leather Products

All of our moose and deer leather mitts and gloves are made right here in Ontario, from locally sourced hides from local hunting programs. Both deer and moose hides stay supple in cold weather, unlike cow’s leather, and provide natural water repellency. Moose hide is some of the toughest leather on the planet, and both moose and deer mitts and gloves can be treated with wax or oils to make them waterproof.

Our Moose & Deer Leather Products

We stock only the best in Moose & Deer Leather Products so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Moose and Deer Gauntlet Mitts
Moose and Deer Gauntlet MittsOur Canadian made moose and deer hide gauntlet mitts are tough, durable and warm. Moose and deer leather is naturally water repellant, and stays soft and supple in the cold, unlike cow's leather. Available in normal or one-fingered models.
Moose Mitts - Made in Canada
Moose Mitts - Made in CanadaA good pair of moose mitts are hard to beat. Tough, durable, and naturally water repellant, they can be treated with waxes and oils to provide waterproofing, and feature a removable and washable liner. Made in Canada.
Moose and Deer Hide Mitts
Moose and Deer Hide MittsDeer leather is naturally water repellant, and stays soft and supple in the cold, unlike cow's leather, making these mitts great for all your winter outdoor activities.
Hestra Original Leather Balm
Hestra Original Leather BalmHestra Leather Balm is an all-natural conditioner and water proofing treatment for leather gloves that formulated from neatsfoot oil, lanolin, beeswax, and caranuba wax, and helps to keep your gloves looking and performing at their best.
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