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Mora Wood Splitting Knife

Mora Wood Splitting Knife

The Mora Wood Splitting Knife is designed for use as a drawknife when de-barking or carving, or as a precision wood splitting and shaving knife for making smaller pieces, kindling and tinder from split wood.

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The Mora Wood Splitting Knife is a specialized knife that can be used as a drawknife when carving larger pieces, or debarking logs, and is also designed to precisely and easily split seasoned wood, and create kindling and shavings for starting fires by applying downward pressure with both hands - handy to have at the woodstove, fireplace, or backyard fire pit. The 2.5 mm blade is made of recycled Swedish stainless steel and can be relied on to serve you for many years to come. Includes a simple polymer edge protection cover.

  • Mora Wood Spitting Knife Specs
  • Two barrel-shaped birch handles
  • Blade thickness : 2.5 mm
  • Blade Length: 11.4 cm | 4.5"
  • Total Length: 36.6 cm | 14.5"
  • Blade Material : recycled Swedish stainless steel

Made in Sweden

Mora Wood Splitting Knife
BrandMora of Sweden


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