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One Man Premium Lynx Brand 3ft Crosscut Saw

One Man Premium Lynx Brand 3ft Crosscut Saw

The Lynx brand 3ft (914mm) crosscut saw by Thomas Flinn & Co is manufactured in Sheffield, England, features a Great American toothing patten, and large gullets for effective clearing of cut material. Each Lynx saw comes standard with an auxiliary handle, which can be used to assist cutting when used by one person, or as a secondary handle for use by a second person.
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Trusted Equipment
5-Star Service
5-Star Service

The Lynx 3ft Premium Crosscut Saw is ideal for anyone need to buck up, or take down dry medium to hard woods without the noise and smell of a chainsaw.

The Lynx brand 3 ft crosscut saw by Thomas Flinn & Co is an heirloom quality saw that is made in Sheffield England; as Lynx saws have been since the 18th century. The saw features teeth that can be sharpened, which is a rare commodity as many saw blades made today are impulse hardened and aren't meant to be sharpened.

The 3Ft Lynx Crosscut Saw features large, 2 TPI Great American toothing pattern, a beech handle, and an auxilary handle that can be fastened either near the main handle to help with single person use (especially handy when felling or bucking up deadfall - especially at odd angles), or near the end of the blade for two person use.

Great American Toothing

The Great American (also referred to as a "crown") tooth pattern has 3 tooth points, and large gullets between the sets of teeth - which effectively clear the kerf of waste wood material when cutting dry, medium-to-hardwoods.

Lynx 3ft Crosscut Saw Specifications

  • Total length: 914mm (3 ft)
  • Teeth ratio: 12 mm (@ 2 TPI) and 8 mm (@ 3 TPI)
  • Blade width, middle: 125 mm
  • Blade thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Handle made from beech wood

Guaranteed Authentic

The Canadian Outdoor Equipment is an authorized distributor of the Lynx 3ft Crosscut Saw, so when you purchase from us your product is guaranteed authentic.

One Man Premium Lynx Brand 3ft Crosscut Saw
BrandThomas Flinn & Co.


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