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Outdoor Clothing

Stay comfortable and protected with the right clothing so you can enjoy your time outdoors in any environment under any conditions.
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Clothing for the Outdoors

Clothing is the most essential consideration when spending time outdoors. Being improperly dressed can lead to not only discomfort and lowered enjoyment outdoors, but in severe cases to hypothermia, and even death. By having the correct clothes for the environment and conditions you face, you can stay outdoors longer, and adapt to changing weather and surroundings. Layering clothing is key to this versatility, as are the fibres and fabrics chosen for those layers.

Outdoor Clothing not made in the Far East

At the The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. we prefer durable, long lasting materials that are up to the rigours of hiking, portaging, and bushwhacking. With most textiles now being produced in the Far East with questionable materials, labour practices and working conditions, we prefer to source our products from countries and companies with solid track records of quality, materials, and ethical treatment of it's employees.

Types of Outdoor Clothing

Thermal Base Layers Layering in the outdoors is important, but materials matter. Base layers made of wool and wool blends are unparalleled at keeping one dry, warm and comfortable in the outdoors.
Mid Layers Mid layers provide more insulation in a thermal layering system, and expand on the initial work done by base layers. Made of heavier weight wool, and wool blends, using a mid-layer along with a base layer significantly increases the warmth and insulation capabilities of clothing, while allowing for the removal of layers during periods of high activity, or if temperatures climb.
Outdoor Vests A vest can act as a supplementary mid layer, boosting core warmth and comfort, while taking up little room in a pack or bag, and providing pockets and pouches for storing essentials.
Outdoor Filson Jackets Our philosophy is that a jacket needs to be durable and tough, as well as wind and water resistant, so our preference are jackets made of wool and cotton.
Merino Wool Socks Keep your feet warm in any weather. Woolpower merino wool blend socks can be the difference between being comfortable and happy and being miserable.
Ivanhoe of Sweden Wool Thermal Wear Ivanhoe of Sweden is a family run business that has been making wool garments in Sweden since 1946, and today is helmed by the third generation of the family. Ivanhoe’s dedication to sustainability is paramount in all aspects of products and design.
Woolpower - Merino Wool Clothing The full collection of Woolpower thermal wear, merino wool clothing made in Sweden and available across North America. Outstanding cold weather performance, wicking, wear and performance.
Filson Outdoor Clothing The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. carries Filson's USA made heavyweight wool apparel, waxed cotton garments, and rugged twill luggage with sturdy bridle leather trim.
T-Shirts In warm weather, when bug season has either yet to start, or has just ended, the ubiquitous t-shirt is most Canadian’s top of choice. Choose from either a thermally insulating Woolpower original or wicking LITE tee, or our very own Canadian made organic cotton and bamboo blend.
Outdoor Filson Pants Materials matter - especially when it comes to pants. For reasons of durability, and functionality, we’re big fans of pants made from cotton and wool.
Hiking and Camping Belts Belts for attaching pouches, knives, flashlights, and fire making devices directly to one’s person. Heavy duty, durable belts for decades of reliable use.
Outdoor Hats, Gloves & Mitts Hand crafted leather hats and gloves along with Woolpower liners make for an unbeatable combination.
Leather and Canvas Protectors A good leather protector provides waterproofing for leathers, as well as keeps the leather supple and prevents it from drying out. Made in North America.

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