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Shenandoah Corn Cob Pipe

Shenandoah Corn Cob Pipe

Handcrafted from heirloom Indian and white corn, the Shenandoah corn cob pipe is a simple, straightforward design that features a plastered bottom, lacquered bowl, and a bamboo shank/stem.
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Designed and constructed like corn cob pipes of the 1890's, the Shenandoah corn cob pipe features an 3.7 cm diameter bowl that is lacquered, and plastered on the bottom. Hand made in the USA from heirloom Indian and white corn and a friction fit bamboo stem, this simple, eco-friendly classic design will serve you well for years to come.

Shenandoah Corn Cob Pipe Specs

Length: 141.06 mm (5.55”)
Height: 43.31 mm. (1.71”)
Weight: 21 g. (0.8 oz)
Bowl Depth: 32.21 mm (1.27”)
Bowl Outside Diameter: 36.92 mm (1.45”)
Bowl Inside Diameter: 17.96 mm (0.71”)

Made in the USA.



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