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Survival Stoves

Cooking outside, and maintaining fires are options for dealing with prolonged outages.

About Survival Stoves & Cooking

Having a means to cook meals indoors when the power is out is the most likely and common “survival” scenario people find themselves in. Trangia cooksets (coupled with Ethanol based fuel) provides this functionality. Cooking outside, and maintaining fires are options for dealing with prolonged outages.

Our Survival Stoves & Cooking

We stock only the best in Survival Stoves & Cooking so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Kupilka Firesteel 8
Kupilka Firesteel 8The Kupilka Firesteel 8 firesteel features an 8mm diameter European sourced ferrocerium rod, an ethically produced reindeer leather lanyard, and a large (can be used with mitts on) handle made from Kupilka's unique Kareline bio-material.
Stormproof Matches
Stormproof MatchesUnlike other “waterproof” or “windproof” matches, our stormproof matches are easy to light, and will stay lit for up to 15 seconds, even after being submerged in water - yes, it's true!
EOG V3 Pocket Bellows
EOG V3 Pocket BellowsThe EOG V3 pocket bellows is an ingenious, compact, collapsable means of aerating a fire to increase core temperature, and fire output. Highly focussed and directional, the pocket bellows are extremely handy when trying to get a fire going with wet wood, or for ramping up a camp fire when adding fuel.
Fire Blow Poker
Fire Blow PokerFire blow pokers are a two-for-one proposition: simultaneously a poker for moving and re-arranging wood in a lit fire, and a lung powered bellows allowing one to aerate and enhance combustion by oxygenating a fire. Hand made in Canada.
Trangia 25-21UL Duossal Cookset
Trangia 25-21UL Duossal CooksetTrangia's 25-21 UL/D Duossal 2.0 cookset features Trangia's unique DUOSSAL material: aluminum alloy exterior for quick and even spreading of heat, and a stainless steel interior for scratch resistance and durability.
Bushbox XL Combination Kit
Bushbox XL Combination KitThe Bushbox XL Kit Stove features a BushBox XL stove, a heavy duty carrying case, two trivets and a universal grate: allowing use of organic materials (leaves, branches, twigs, pine cones) as fuel, as well as Trangia burners, hexamine tablets, wood pellets, or charcoal, making it highly flexible while being able to pack it easily in a canoe or backpack.
Gen2 5
Gen2 5" Folding Firebox Campfire StoveThe Firebox G2 folding stove is the second generation of the multi-fuel Firebox folding cook stove that can use wood, solid fuel tablets, alcohol burners, gel fuels (Sterno), wood pellets or charcoal briquettes. The Gen2 5" Firebox features larger holes in the stove sidewall to allow for the feeding of branches and twigs directly into the burn chamber - no more top feeding required, and an updated hole pattern in the fire grate to increase airflow (and therefore rate of burn). Like it's predecessor, the G2 Firebox folds flat when not in use – easily stowed into a hiking or canoe pack.
Trangia Spirit Alcohol Burner
Trangia Spirit Alcohol BurnerThe Trangia Burner set is the heart of all Trangia stove sets. Small, compact, with no moving parts, it is capable of burning alcohol-based fuels (methyl hydrate, marine stove fuel, fondue fuel, rubbing alcohol, etc..).
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Ultimate Base Camp Kit
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Ultimate Base Camp KitThe Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Ultimate Base Camp Kit includes Kelly Kettle's Base Camp Kettle, plus all of Kelly Kettle's associated products in one complete, nesting package. Includes a Kelly Kettle, firebase, hobo stove, folding grill, pot support, large cookset (pot/pan/pot grip), mug set (2 mugs), plates (2), and carrying case.
Bushbox LF Set
Bushbox LF SetThe Bushbox LF set includes a Bushbox LF stove, Universal grate (for use with alternate fuel choices, or as a grill), and a heavy-duty cordura carrying case.
Forged Iron Tripod/Pot Support
Forged Iron Tripod/Pot SupportOur Canadian made forged iron tripods are used for suspending pots over fires, and can be configured either as a single pot support, or as a pot stand to facilitate using multiple cooking vessels simultaneously.
Trangia 25-2 UL Cookset
Trangia 25-2 UL CooksetThe Trangia 25-2 UL cookset features ultralight aluminum and includes 2 saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 litre), 1 frypan (22 cm), and a kettle (0.9 litre).
Instaflam Firestarters/Tinder
Sold Out Instaflam Firestarters/TinderInstaflam wood wool firestarters work wet or dry, and provide up to 10 minutes of burn time. Non-toxic.
Trangia Triangle
Sold Out Trangia TriangleThe Trangia Triangle is perfect for super light weight packing and ideal for inside a survival kit. It is made up of 3 stainless steel sides along with a support ring to accommodate a spirit burner or gasburner (burner is not included). Unit also comes with a pouch and weighs 115 g. Dimensions are 14cm x 10cm x 1cm when closed. 13cm x 13cm x 9cm assembled.

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