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The Brown Filter Bag

The Brown Filter Bag

The Brown's Filter Bag is a canvas pre-filter for filtering water before purification - which extends the life of water purification filters by removing silt, sediment, mud and other organic material from the water before use. Made in the UK.
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Brown's Filter Bag is modelled after canvas military mill bank bags, which remove silt, sand, mud and other organic materials from water before purification (by either filters, chemical treatment, or boiling). Pathogens tend to cling to particulate in the water column, so pre-filtering with a canvas bag helps make filtration more effective, and prolongs the life of water filters, by removing sedimets which may clog or erode their efficacy. All brown's Bushcraft Brown Filter Bags are made to original canvas mill bag spec..

How to break in your new Brown bag.
1. Saturate the bags in water, squeeze the water through the bags to unsure they are fully wetted.
2. Then be rough with them! Scrunch them up, massage and squeeze the bags. This will help to soften the canvas and open up the fibres.
3. Repeat the process 3/4 times allowing the bag to dry in-between.
4. You can also put the bags in the washing machine. Place in a clean washing machine on a cold rinse cycle with NO detergent and NO fabric softener. Always remove the paracord before placing in washing machine.

How to use the Brown bag
Once you have found a source of water to be filtered make sure you have a suitable point to hang the bag from when its full of water. You can for example use a tree, tripod or vehicle.
1. Start by thoroughly soaking the bag in water, massage the water through the bag to insure it is saturated
2. Fill the bag to the top with water to be filtered. It sometimes helps to use a cup to scoop water in to fill the bag to the top.
3. Allow the water in the bag to flow down to the stitched line that’s runs across the front of the bag approx. ¼ of the way down the bag. Do not collect this water, allow it to run onto the ground. This helps remove any debris on the outside of the bag and prevent it from dropping into your collecting pot.
4. The water will take between 5 and 10 minutes to pass through a personal size bag. A group size bag will take a number of hours to filter. When using a group size bag a good technique is to allow it to filter overnight, you will then have a stock of filtered water ready to disinfect the following morning.
5. Once the water has been filtered it must be purified. Although it may look clean it may contain pathogens which need to be removed by purification. The water can be purified by being brought to a rolling boil, adding chemicals or using a purification system.

After use and care
After each use turn the bag inside out and remove any built up sediment and debris. You can wash it out in clean water or allow the bag to dry out, this enables you to knock the dried sediment out once dried. A nailbrush is also effective for removing dried sediment. Make sure the bag is thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing away for your next adventure!

Made in the United Kingdom.

The Brown Filter Bag
BrandBrown's Bushcraft


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