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Trangia Accessories

Trangia produces many accessories for their cooksets and cookware, including mess tins, carrying bags, multi-discs, spare parts and other essentials. Highly adaptable and eminently useful, Trangia's accessories can help make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

About Trangia Accessories

Trangia accessories extend the functionality of their time tested stormcooker cooksets - carrying bags, mutli-discs, cases, pot adapters and more!

Our Trangia Accessories

We stock only the best in Trangia Accessories so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle)
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins (Red Handle)Updated with red high visibility handles, Trangia's aluminum mess tins are great multi-purpose containers for gear, survival kits, valuables, breakables, etc.. and can even be used to cook and boil water in a pinch!
Trangia Aluminum Mess Tins
Trangia Aluminum Mess TinsTrangia's aluminum mess tins are great multi-purpose containers for valuables, breakables, gear, food, survival kits, and can even be used to boil water in a pinch!
Trangia Nylon Bag for Cooksets
Trangia Nylon Bag for CooksetsThe Trangia nylon bag is made to house either the 25 or 27 series cooksets.
Trangia Straps
Trangia StrapsReplacement straps for Trangia stoves and pot sets.
Trangia Kettle/Cup Lid
Trangia Kettle/Cup LidThe Trangia 203250 Kettle lid fits both Trangia's 27 Series kettles (0.6L), and GSI stainless steel bottle cups.
Trangia Spirit Alcohol Burner
Trangia Spirit Alcohol BurnerThe Trangia Burner set is the heart of all Trangia stove sets. Small, compact, with no moving parts, it is capable of burning alcohol-based fuels (methyl hydrate, marine stove fuel, fondue fuel, rubbing alcohol, etc..).
Trangia EVA Carrying Case
Trangia EVA Carrying CaseThe Trangia EVA carrying case is made for either the 27 or 25 series cooksets, and provides a rigid case to protect from scratches and dents.
Trangia Multi Disc 18 cm
Trangia Multi Disc 18 cmThe Trangia Multi Disc 18 cm is made to work with all Trangia 27 series pots. Weight:85 grams
Trangia Pan Stand Adapter
Trangia Pan Stand AdapterThe Trangia pan stand is an ingenious adapter for 25 or 27 series cooksets that allows the use of non-standard pots and pans with Trangia cooksets (espresso makers, smaller kettles, billy pots, etc..).
Trangia Pot Grip Handle
Trangia Pot Grip HandleThe Trangia pot grip handle is made from lightweight aluminum, and can be used with any camp set or set of pots and pans.
Trangia Gel Fuel Burner
Trangia Gel Fuel BurnerThe Trangia gel fuel burner is designed to burn gel alcohol fuels, and is interoperable with the standard Trangia alcohol burner that fits in all Trangia cooksets.
Trangia Gas Burner
Trangia Gas BurnerThe Trangia Gas Burner attachment allows you to use isobutane canisters as a fuel source for your Trangia cooksets.
Trangia Multi Disc 21 cm
Trangia Multi Disc 21 cmThe Trangia Multi Disc 21cm is made to work with all Trangia 25 series pots. Weight:90 grams
Trangia Open Spirit Stove
Trangia Open Spirit StoveThe Trangia Open Spirit stove is small and compact, and fits inside the 1.5 litre saucepan. Great for quick overnight trips.
Mini Trangia Cookset
Sold Out Mini Trangia CooksetThe Mini Trangia cookset is made for the minimalist. The set includes a pot, pan, handle, stove and stand that measure 15cm x 7cm total and weigh a mere 350 grams.
Trangia Triangle
Sold Out Trangia TriangleThe Trangia Triangle is perfect for super light weight packing and ideal for inside a survival kit. It is made up of 3 stainless steel sides along with a support ring to accommodate a spirit burner or gasburner (burner is not included). Unit also comes with a pouch and weighs 115 g. Dimensions are 14cm x 10cm x 1cm when closed. 13cm x 13cm x 9cm assembled.
Trangia Winter Attachment
Sold Out Trangia Winter AttachmentTrangia winter attachment for 27 series and 25 series cook-sets for use in winter conditions.

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