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Twig Stoves

Our Twig stoves use materials readily found in nature (twigs, leaves, pine cones, etc..) as a fuel source, excellent for longer trips or when travelling light, but can also use alternate burners and fuel sources such as alcohol, gel, sterno, wood pellets, and/or hexamine tablets.
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Bushcraft Essentials
Kelly Kettle
Bushbox LF Stick StoveBushbox LF Stove $92.75
Bushbox XL StoveBushbox XL Stove $123.50
Firebox Nano StoveFirebox Nano Stove $69.25 - $69.50
Gen2 5Gen2 5" Folding Firebox Campfire Stove $111.25 - $129.00
Firebox Nano X-Case KitFirebox Nano X-Case Kit $67.50
Firebox All-In-One Folding Firebox Kit5" Firebox All-In-One Kit $123.50
coec choiceBushbox Pocket Micro Stove EDCBoxBushbox Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox $34.00 - $35.75
Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove AccessoryKelly Kettle Hobo Stove Accessory $18.95 - $20.95
Firebox Gen 2 Nano Accessory KitFirebox Gen 2 Nano Accessory Kit $16.75 - $22.50
Bushbox XL Multifunction CaseBushbox XL Multifunction Case $38.50 - $73.75
Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket StoveBushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket Stove $54.00 - $71.25
Bushbox LF Multifunction CaseBushbox LF Multifunction Case $34.00 - $59.00
Firebox Titanium Nano StoveFirebox Titanium Nano Stove $113.75
Bushbox XL Titanium StoveBushbox XL Titanium Stove $265.75
Bushbox LF Titanium Stick StoveBushbox LF Titanium $177.25
Universal Grate for Bushbox LFUniversal Grate for Bushbox LF $12.25
Firebox Titanium Nano X-Case KitFirebox Titanium Nano X-Case Kit $111.75
Firebox 5Firebox 5" Adjustable Fire Grate $12.50
Firebox 5Firebox 5" Extended Grill Plate $15.75
Bushbox XL TrivetsBushbox XL Trivets $15.50
Universal Grate for Bushbox XLUniversal Grate for Bushbox XL $15.50
Bushbox Pocket StoveBushbox Pocket Stove $46.25
Bushbox XL Grill PlateBushbox XL Grill Plate $21.50
Firebox Fire Sticks Firebox Fire Sticks $11.50Bushbox Pocket Stove SetBushbox Pocket Stove Set $61.75
Firebox Nano Sticks Firebox Nano Sticks $9.75Leather Case for Bushbox LFLeather Case for Bushbox LF $46.25
Leather Case for Bushbox XLLeather Case for Bushbox XL $69.50
Bushbox LF TrivetsBushbox LF Trivets $11.50Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove KitKelly Kettle Hobo Stove Kit - Large $46.95
Heavy Duty Outdoor Bag for Bushbox LF, Bushbox Ultralight, and Bushbox StovesHeavy Duty Outdoor Bag for Bushbox LF, Bushbox Ultralight, and Bushbox Stoves $12.25
Firebox Boil PlateFirebox Boil Plate $12.50Firebox Highboy Firesticks Firebox Highboy Firesticks $13.75Firebox Stove Carrying CaseFirebox Stove Carrying Case $22.50
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Firebase - LargeKelly Kettle Stainless Steel Firebase - Large $25.99
Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove Kit - SmallKelly Kettle Hobo Stove Kit - Small $42.95
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Firebase - SmallKelly Kettle Stainless Steel Firebase - Small $24.99
Firebox X-Case Nano CaseFirebox X-Case Nano Case $13.50
Firebox Nano Stove Carrying CaseFirebox Nano Stove Carrying Case $12.50
Bushbox Coupling ModuleBushbox Coupling Module $7.50

About Twig Stoves

Twig stoves use materials in the environment (twigs, leaves, pine cones, etc..) as a fuel source - meaning that fuel does not need to be packed in - perfect for longer trips, or when travelling light. Collapsible, reliable and sturdy, our twig stoves can also do double duty with alternate burners and fuel sources: Trangia burners with alcohol fuel, gel fuel, sterno, wood pellets, and hexamine tablets.

Available in multiple sizes, twig stoves are handy companions cooking dinner when hiking or canoeing, for quick boil-ups on the trail, or as emergency stoves at the cottage or in your vehicle.

Types of Twig Stoves

Bushcraft Bushbox Stoves & Accessories Bushbox twig stoves are made in Munich, Germany, from stainless steel, and feature sizes from the XL, to the standard Bushbox stove, down to the miniature EDC micro twig stove.
Littlbug Stoves Littlbug Stoves are light, small, portable and can be used with Trangia alcohol burners as well as twigs, branches and pine cones. Quick boil and cook times.
Kelly Kettle Hobo Stoves Kelly Kettle Hobo Stoves use the fire base of their Kelly Kettles along with the hobostove attachment to make a large cooking fire and stable base for all your camp cooking needs.
Folding Firebox Camping Stoves Firebox camping stoves are ingenious collapsible twig stoves that fold flat, and can also be used with Trangia's alcohol burners. USA made. Stainless Steel.

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