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Prospector Tents

Prospector tents make excellent shelters for hunting trips, as temporary structures on undeveloped properties, or as sleeping quarters at camps and cottages.
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About Prospector Tents

Our ICP (Woods) Prospector Tents are made right here in Ontario, and are perfect for situations where they’ll be set up for weeks to months (as bunkies, hunt camps, or field stations). They require a pole kit, internal frame, or framed platform to set up, and offer experiences (depending on sidewall height) not unlike cabins. There are two variants: Standard and Industrial. Standard tents are lighter weight, but cannot be used with stoves (they are not treated to be fire retardant). These are available in 3’ or 4’ sidewall heights, and from 8’x10’ to 14’x16’ floor spaces. Industrial Prospector Tents are treated for fire, rot and mold resistance and are available in 3’, 4’ or 5’ sidewall heights, and in floor spaces from 8’x10’ to 16’x20’.

Our Prospector Tents

We stock only the best in Prospector Tents so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
ICP (Woods) Industrial Prospector Tents
ICP (Woods) Industrial Prospector TentsICP has been making "Woods" branded prospector tents in Canada for decades and provide solid, sturdy, hard-wearing tents for base camps, hunting and fishing trips, winter camping and more.
ICP (Woods) Standard Prospector Tents
ICP (Woods) Standard Prospector TentsICP has been manufacturing their Canadian made, solid, sturdy, hard-wearing tents for base camps, hunting and fishing trips, and more under the "Woods" brand name for decades.
ICP (Woods) Stove Pipe Ring
ICP (Woods) Stove Pipe RingThese stove pipe rings are for use with ICP (Woods) Industrial wall tents ONLY. Features 17.6 oz heavy duty unbleached cotton duck fabric, white Thermosil fireproof internal ring, and durable 5/8" tie down straps.

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