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Woolpower Hand & Head Gear

Woolpower toques, beanies, mitts, and wrist gaiters are keys to retaining body heat and keeping you warm so you can enjoy the outdoors.
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About Woolpower Hand & Head Gear

After cold feet, cold hands and heads can be impediments to truly enjoying the outdoors if not adequately protected. Available in LITE, and 400g/m² material, this is where Woolpower toques, beanies, and mitts, and wrist gaiters come in. Beanies are perfect for high aerobic activities such as cross country skiing or jogging, or when temperatures are high enough to require some thermal protection, but not a heavier 400g/m² toque. These are best reserved for winter weather, or cold, rainy spring and late fall days. Woolpower mitts make excellent thermal liners (they do require a shell to prevent wind from penetrating - after all Woolpower garments are 80% air), and wrist gaiters are perfect in cool spring or fall weather when you require some protection, but need fine motor control with use of your digits (fly fishing, or at the camp kitchen).

Our Woolpower Hand & Head Gear

We stock only the best in Woolpower Hand & Head Gear so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Wrist Gaiters
Woolpower Wrist GaitersNew Woolpower wrist gaiters are the perfect solution for when you want to keep your hands warm, but need your fingers for fine motor movements, or for use in shoulder season weather when fingers can get chilly. Great for skiing, snowshoeing, fishing or as extra layer in a mitt liner.
Woolpower Mittens
Woolpower MittensCold hands are no fun. Woolpower Mitts are the ultimate shell liner.
Woolpower Classic Beanie
Woolpower Classic BeanieThe Woolpower Classic Beanie is a double layered rib-knitted toque that's form fitting, and can be rolled down: perfect for everyday use, or when doing physical activities. Like all Woolpower merino wool, the Classic Beanie can be washed in hot water.
Woolpower Ribbed Beanie
Woolpower Ribbed BeanieThe Woolpower Ribbed Beanie (aka touque) is constructed from Woolpower's 400 g/m2 material woven into thicker yarn for the classic touque ribbed structure. The fit of the ribbed beanie is meant to lie flat against the head, and has a wide brim for folding up over foreheads and ears.
Woolpower Toque
Woolpower ToqueRetaining heat lost through the head is key to keeping warm.
Woolpower Helmet Liner Cap
Woolpower Helmet Liner CapAttention snowmobilers, skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, equestrians, hockey players or anyone who needs to keep their heads and ears warm under their helmets - the Woolpower helmet cap is here!
Woolpower Balaclava
Woolpower BalaclavaA howling wind in -25°C calls for serious head protection - that's where a balaclava comes in.
Woolpower LITE Tube
Woolpower LITE TubeThe Woolpower LITE Tube does triple duty as a neck gaiter, headband, or beanie or as an ear and neck protector under a cap in bug season.
Woolpower LITE Beanie
Woolpower LITE BeanieThe Woolpower LITE beanie is great for outdoor activities in the spring or fall, or whenever a lightweight cap is needed.
Woolpower Tube 200
Woolpower Tube 200The Woolpower Tube 200 is made from Woolpower's 200g/m² Ulfrotte material and functions as a neck gaiter, headband, or toque.
Woolpower Jamtlann Beanie
Sold Out Woolpower Jamtlann BeanieWoolpower’s Jamtlann Beanie (aka toque) is a thick, knitted merino wool winter toque with a distinctive pattern inspired by traditional textiles found throughout northern Sweden in places such as Jämtland and Härjedalen.
Woolpower Headband/Neck Gaiter
Sold Out Woolpower Headband/Neck GaiterSometimes, you want to keep your ears or neck warm , while letting excess heat vent through the top of the head (during skiing, or other winter activities) - that's where the Woolpower headband/neck gaitor comes in.

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