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Woolpower Socks

The ultimate in comfort, Woolpower socks are unparalleled at keeping your feet warm and dry. Available in 200, 400 600 and 800 g/m weights and in regular or knee high lengths.
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Cold feet are no fun. Even if warm everywhere else, cold feet have a way of making their presence known and staying top of mind until they’re dealt with. With Woolpower socks, cold feet become a thing of the past. Available in a range of materials (LITE, 200g/m², 400g/m², 600g/m² 800g/m²), Woolpower socks are designed to be mixed and matched to provide warm, toasty feet no matter what the temperature or your level of activity. All Woolpower socks are knitted on tubes, and have only a single seam across the toes. This means there are no seams to rub or chafe, and less seams mean fewer weak points for material to fray or separate down the road.

How to Wear Woolpower Socks

Layering socks will increase thermal efficiency. A 200g/m² sock and a 600g/m² sock together will perform better than a single 800g/m² sock. Layering allows you have a “base layer” sock that can be taken off and dried each night, or washed separately from the outer “mid-layer” sock which acts to provide increased thermal insulation.

It is important when wearing socks to remember to leave enough room in your footwear for your foot to move freely - sometimes less is more. If your shoe or boot is tight with too many sock layers, this will compress your foot, constrict blood flow and lead to cold feet - even if have 1000g/m² or more of socks on. A rule of thumb is to be able to wiggle your toes freely, and to not lace boots too tightly over the bridge of your foot.

Woolpower Sock Weights

Woolpower LITE Socks

LITE socks are great for indoor use, for high aerobic activity outdoors (jogging, cycling), or counter intuitively, in hot weather. The merino wool insulates (from heat as well as cold), and wicks moisture away from your foot, keeping you dryer and cooler on those hot summer days.

200g/m² Woolpower Socks

200g/m² Woolpower socks are terry looped knitted, and are suitable for indoor wear, and in summer, spring, and fall temperatures (down to -10°C with moderate physical activity). These are the most flexible of all Woolpower socks as they can be combined with heavier weights to operate over a wider range of temperatures.

400g/m² Woolpower Socks

400g/m² Woolpower socks are perennial cold weather favourites. “Amazing”, “the best”, and “life changing” are some of the terms customers use to describe these when we ask how they’re working for them. Great in temperatures down to -15°C with moderate physical activity, and residing in the “goldilocks zone” (not too thin, not too thick), these are the one pair of Woolpower socks to try Woolpower out if you’re unfamiliar with them.

600g/m² Woolpower Socks

600g/m² Woolpower socks can be worn singly, or as a secondary layer over lighter socks. They are thick and wooly, and really boost sock performance when paired with other socks, but also provide warmth and coziness when used by themselves as a pseudo slipper around the house, or at the end of the day in fresh footwear at the campsite.

800g/m² Woolpower Socks

800g/m² Woolpower socks are the heaviest weight sock that Woolpower produces. As such, it’s thick ribbed weave is conducive to using another lighter sock as a liner, to facilitate easier drying and cleaning when used out in the field. Ideal when little physical activity occurs, such as still hunting, ice fishing, or for outdoor workers such as crossing guards, or traffic police, the 800g/m² sock approaches a felt liner in terms of thermal insulation and performance.

Our Woolpower Socks

We stock only the best in Woolpower Socks so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/m
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/mCold feet? Not with Woolpower socks - combine different weights to keep your feet toasty in any conditions.
Woolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust Red
Woolpower Socks - 400 g/m² - Rust RedNew for 2021, Woolpower introduces new "Rust Red" colour - new shade, same great mix of merino wool and polyamide that's machine washable in hot (60°C) water, and machine dryable.
Woolpower Liner Socks
Woolpower Liner SocksSometimes during hot weather, what is needed is a liner sock that wicks away moisture, combats odour and bacteria, and is easy to care for. Enter the Woolpower liner sock. Woven without terry loops, it makes a great sock for those blistering August days, or can be used as a layer with existing Woolpower Ulfrotte knitted socks.
Woolpower Raggsock -  800g/m²
Woolpower Raggsock - 800g/m²Woolpower 800g/m² Raggsocks can be worn directly against the skin, or used as an over layer over liner socks. Constructed from 70% fine merino wool, and 30% nylon, this blend of materials provides maximum thermal protection blended with heard-wearing durability - and can be washed in a machine in hot water, and put through a dryer. Made in Sweden.
Woolpower Socks 800g/m
Woolpower Socks 800g/mCold feet? Not with Woolpower socks - combine different weights to keep your feet toasty in any conditions.
Woolpower Socks Kneehighs
Woolpower Socks KneehighsCold feet? Not with Woolpower socks - combine different weights to keep your feet toasty in any conditions. Knee highs extend up to keep your whole shin warm.

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