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ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement Zipper

ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement Zipper

Zipper failure has normally meant the end of the road for many products - especially packs or bags, where installing a whole new zipper assembly would be difficult or impossible. Thanks to ZlideOn, zippers with faulty zip mechanisms can now be easily repaired in under 30 seconds - giving new life to garments, packs and bags where a zipper has failed.
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ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement Zippers provide the means of repairing broken plastic zippers quickly and easily - simply cut off the old zip, and clip the ZlideOn replacement into place.

Available in 4 different sizes and 2 colours, ZlideOn replacement zippers will give new life to your sleeping bag, jacket, pants or other plastic zippered items.

In order to replace the zipper on your pack or garment, the first step is to establish which style of zipper you have (metal teeth, plastic teeth, narrow teeth, or a waterproof zipper), and then measure the zipper teeth and track width to establish zipper sizing, as per the Size Chart under the product options on this page. Once established, all that's left to do is to cut off the old slider mechanism (with a set of wire cutters), and clip in the ZlideOn replacement, et viola - your zipper is functional once again!

ZlideOn replacement zippers are made from zinc and steel in Sweden.


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