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FORJ Repair Tape

FORJ Repair Tape

FORJ repair tape is somewhat of a wonder material. Incredibly strong once heated, it can be used to repair broken tool handles, paddles, canoe seats and gunnels, can function like a chain, line, or rivets, and can even assist when treating fractured or broken bones.
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FORJ repair tape is a must have on backcountry and wilderness trips, where it can be used to deal with a vast array of broken gear including canoes, kayaks, paddles, axes, knives, ski and hiking poles, fishing poles, packs, tents poles, vehicles, etc..

With a breaking strength of 1000 lbs once heated (by using hot water, holding near a fire, or using a lighter), FORJ tape can wrapped around objects, or can be formed into various shapes including makeshift bolts, rivets, chain links, shear pins, plugs, etc.. and can make the difference between finishing a trip, or cutting out early. FORJ repair tape is equally useful at home, on the farm or on the water, and makes a valuable addition to all first aid kits.

FORJ Repair Tape Specs:
Length: 6m
Weight: 113g

Made in the USA


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