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Canada Map Books

Made to print Canada backroad map books, hiking trail maps and canoe routes from experts including Kevin Callan, Jeff McMurtry, Mors Kochanski, Ray Mears, Les Stroud and more.

About Canada Map Books

Maps are essential when out on a trip through the Canadian wilderness. While route descriptions and trip planners are useful, it is an actual map that will be referred to when out in the field trying to find that portage or access point, or looking for an alternative route if plans unexpectedly change. We carry maps as part of field guides, or as stand alone, foldable units that can be stowed into packs or map cases. We even carry waterproof maps, to ensure you can read the information you need when you need it most.

Types of Canada Map Books

Kevin Callan Canoe & Camp Guides Kevin Callan's canoe guides are some of the most detailed and useful guides out there - check out his route descriptions before you head out on your next adventure.
Unlostify Maps Unlostify maps feature 2 distinct maps and uses for every area they cover: a whiteboard planning side and a trip side for using in the field. Waterproof with glow-in-the-dusk inks, Unlostify maps are the latest in cutting edge mapping technology.
Ontario Canoe Map Guides Up-to-date back-country maps for Canoeing in Ontario provide detailed route options so you know all your hiking, canoeing and site seeing options.
Ontario Hiking Trail Guides Enjoy your hike to the fullest with hiking trail guides for the Bruce Trail, Ganaraska Trail, maps in Algonquin, Killarney, or other Ontario Parks.

Our Canada Map Books

We stock only the best in Canada Map Books so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
The Bruce Trail Guide - 30th Edition
The Bruce Trail Guide - 30th EditionThe new, 30th edition Bruce Trail Guide is the definitive resource for exploring the Bruce Trail. It is your key to a safe and enjoyable time on all 890km of the oldest and longest continuous public footpath in Canada.
Top 60 Canoe Routes of Ontario
Top 60 Canoe Routes of OntarioNewly updated for 2018, Top 60 Canoe Routes of Ontario adds 10 more routes over 48 more pages, and like the first edition of this book, this updated and expanded second edition is destined to become the classic guide to the very best canoeing the province has to offer.
Temagami Planning Map - 3rd Edition
Temagami Planning Map - 3rd EditionFor the past two decades, the Friends of Temagami has been documenting, restoring and promoting lost, forgotten and underused canoe routes in Temagami. This map is the result of a comprehensive review of existing information coupled with on-the-ground explorations.
Unlostify Kawartha Highlands Camping Map
Unlostify Kawartha Highlands Camping MapEver seen the largest collection of ancient petroglyphs in Canada? Or a very rare “meromictic” lake? With the Unlostify Kawartha Highlands Camping Map, get ready to see more of the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park than ever before - including Petroglyphs Provincial Park, and surrounding Crown lands. Unlostify maps are tear proof, water proof, and even float.
Unlostify Killarney Camping Map
Unlostify Killarney Camping MapEver seen all the way to Sudbury, from the top of Silver Peak? How about a lake so clear that the bottom can be seen 20 metres down? With the Unlostify Killarney Camping Map, you can plan and travel with a relentlessly detailed, exhaustively researched, waterproof, tear-proof, floating, glow-in-the-dusk trip headquarters.
Waterloo, Wellington & Guelph Hikes
Waterloo, Wellington & Guelph HikesWaterloo, Wellington & Guelph Hikes offers 35 loop hiking routes in the Waterloo, Wellington & Guelph areas, including the Cambridge, Kitchener, Woowich, St.Jacobs, Elora, Erin, Fergus, Elmira and Rockwood areas. Ranging in length from 2.4 to 22 km, these loop hike routes in Waterloo, Wellington & Guelph include detailed colour maps, colour photos of landmarks, and local history and lore along the way.
Caledon Hikes
Caledon HikesCaledon Hikes details 37 hiking loops in the Caledon region (northwest of Toronto) of Ontario including portions of the Bruce Trail, the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail, the Humber Valley Heritage Trail, the Grand Valley Trail, and the Trans Canada Trail.
UTM Map Plotting Corner Ruler
UTM Map Plotting Corner RulerThe UTM corner ruler is indispensable when plotting or measuring a GPS position or co-ordinate onto a topographic map, as a corner ruler will allow for very precise measurements to be made within the existing map grid square.
Halton Hikes
Halton HikesHalton Hikes details 37 hiking loops in Halton Region (west/northwest of Toronto) Ontario including portions of the Bruce Trail, as well as municipal trails and conservation areas along the Niagara Escarpment in Oakville, Burlington, and up through Campbellville, Milton, Acton, Georgetown in to Rockwood, Eden Mills, Erin and more.
A Paddler's Guide to Quetico and Beyond
A Paddler's Guide to Quetico and BeyondKevin Callan's "A Paddler's Guide to Quetico and Beyond" is a guide to Northwestern Ontario's "Canoe Country" - Ontario's Quetico Provinical Park which adjoins Wisconsin's Boundary Waters Canoe Area, and includes detailed route descriptions, maps showing all access points, important river features and accurate portage lengths.
Hamilton and Area Hikes
Hamilton and Area HikesThe Hamilton area is home to over 100 waterfalls, and Hamilton and Area Hikes takes you to over 20 of them, and also includes loop hike routes in Stoney Creek, Dundas Valley, Paris, Grand River, Brantford, Cootes Paradise and Oshweken amongst others - with route lengths from 2.5 to 23.5 km in the Hamilton area and Brant County.
Unlostify Massassauga Camping Map
Unlostify Massassauga Camping MapEver seen a perfectly round glacial pothole? Or a perfectly restored 1940’s lakeside cabin (now a museum)? Well, with the Unlostify Massassauga Camping Map, get ready to see more of Massasauga Provincial Park than ever before. Includes Georgian Bay and all local Crown Lands. Water proof, tear proof, and only 46 grams. It even floats.
Dufferin Hikes
Dufferin HikesSet north of Peel and Caledon Regions, north west of the city of Toronto, Dufferin Region offers excellent hiking opportunities in and around Orangeville, Shelburne, Mono, in the Hockley Valley, and at Mono Cliffs. Dufferin Hikes outlines 32 loop hikes ranging in length from 2.2 to 21 km long, with detailed maps, colour photos and local history and lore.
Unlostify West French River Camping Map
Sold Out Unlostify West French River Camping MapEver seen the French River ghost town? Or the longest snowmobile bridge in the world? With the Unlostify West French River Camping Map, get ready to see more of the French River than ever before - including the west French River, Pointe Grondine, Grundy, and surrounding Crown Lands. Water proof, tear proof, and only 46 grams - it even floats.
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