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Canadian Wilderness Survival

Canadian Wilderness Survival

With so many more people accessing outdoor spaces these days, books like Canadian Wilderness Survival become all the more relevant and necessary. Bruce Zawalsky has created an excellent compendium that's 432 pages with over 500 pictures and illustrations covering the science, skills, and best paths to survival. Every Canadian heading into the bush, be it for canoeing, hiking, camping, hunting, ATVing, or other outdoor work or recreation should read and absorb Canadian Wilderness Survival before heading out - it could be a life saver.
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Canadian Wilderness Survival is a 432 page full colour manual to all thing survival in the boreal forest in Canada. Written by Bruce Zawalsky, a devotee and former student of Mors Kochanski (one of the founding fathers of the modern survival and bushcraft movement) amongst others, Canadian Wilderness Survival is a very well thought out manual to the science, methods and psychology of survival situations.

The first section of the book introduces you to the science of survival, and covers both the physiology and psychology of modern wilderness survival. The second section covers the right skills and what critical items one should wear and take into the northern forests, how to build fires, how to build shelters and how to get found. The last section deals with threats in the wilderness, and how to prepare in advance to avoid or mitigate a survival situation in the first place, as well as lessons from others’ mistakes and successes when stranded in the wilderness.

Paperback, 432 pages



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