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FlipFuel Isobutane Transfer Valve

FlipFuel Isobutane Transfer Valve

The FlipFuel Isobutane Transfer device allows for the draining and consolidation of partially used isobutane canisters into a single canister (finally!) - allowing the empties to be pierced, crushed and recycled safely, while allowing you to use the gas from all those empties you weren't sure what to do with. Genius!
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The Flip Fuel Isobutane Transfer Valve provides the means to deal with all those partially filled isobutane canisters that had too little gas to take on trip, but were unrecycleable due to the gas still in it. With this ingenious device, the remaining gas can be drained from one canister into another, allowing you to consolidate all the unused gas into a single canister. Empty canisters can then be pierced, crushed, and put in the recycle bin - no more wasted gas, and no more partial canisters collecting dust with your gear.

FlipFuel is designed for threaded Lindal valve type canisters (Optimus, Primus, MSR, Snow Peak, etc..), and transfers gas via temperature differential: simply cool the recipient canister down in a cooler or freezer, and warm the donor canister(s) up by placing in the sun. Genious!

FlipFuel Isobutane Transfer Valve
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