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Fuel Containers

Fuel containers for carrying fuel into the bush to power your stove. Pressurized and non-pressurized styles available.
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Products 1 to 2 of 2
Optimus of Sweden

Our Fuel Containers

We stock only the best in Fuel Containers so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Optimus Pressurized Fuel Bottles
Optimus Pressurized Fuel BottlesOptimus fuel bottles are suitable for transporting and pressurizing all kinds of liquid fuel (methyl/ethyl alcohol, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, whitegas, jet fuel). Thanks to a unique hardening process, these bottles are strong and durable, yet surprisingly lightweight.
FlipFuel Isobutane Fuel Transfer Valve
FlipFuel Isobutane Fuel Transfer ValveThe FlipFuel Isobutane Transfer device allows for the draining and consolidation of partially used isobutane canisters into a single canister (finally!) - allowing the empties to be pierced, crushed and recycled safely, while allowing you to use the gas from all those empties you weren't sure what to do with. Genius!

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