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Gifts for Outdoor Workers

Anyone who works outside knows that keeping warm on the job makes the difference between a miserable shift and a good day's work.
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Fisher Space Pens
Woolpower Ostersund

About Gifts for Outdoor Workers

Anyone who works outside knows that keeping warm on the job makes the difference between a miserable shift. Give the gift of a good day's work this holiday season.

Our Gifts for Outdoor Workers

We stock only the best in Gifts for Outdoor Workers so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/m
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/mCold feet? Not with Woolpower socks - combine different weights to keep your feet toasty in any conditions.
Woolpower Crewneck
Woolpower CrewneckA perfect cold weather base layer - extremely effective at wicking away moisture, while retaining precious body heat.
Outdoor Emergency Medical Handbook
Outdoor Emergency Medical HandbookThe Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook is an essential guide to emergency medical procedures away from home, and provides easy-to-follow advice on how to prevent, treat and care for illnesses and injuries while outdoors or traveling.
Lyme Disease, Ticks and You
Lyme Disease, Ticks and YouLyme Disease, Ticks and You is an easy-to-follow and essential guide to understanding, detecting and treating Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Dr. Shelley Ball, a trained freshwater insect ecologist, is a long-term Lyme sufferer who has been infected multiple times, including with various other tick-borne diseases. Drawing from years of experience advocating for her own health, Dr. Ball has gathered together the information and resources the reader needs to not only understand the science, prevent tick bites and recognize Lyme, but also get treatment for this complex and often misdiagnosed disease.
Woolpower Long Johns
Woolpower Long JohnsYou haven't felt what a difference a great pair of long johns make until you've tried these long johns form Woolpower - made of acircularly knit fabric, and as a result, have no lengthwise seams down the legs. A gusset in the back ensures optimal comfort, and leg cuffs are sewn in.
Hestra Fält Guide Gloves
Hestra Fält Guide GlovesThe Fält Guide Glove is the ultimate outdoor work glove. Named after Swedish survival and bushcraft expert Lars Fält who helped design the glove, the Fält glove is built tough to endure, and includes a removable wool liner.
Woolpower Balaclava
Woolpower BalaclavaA howling wind in -25°C calls for serious head protection - that's where a balaclava comes in.
Woolpower Felt Insoles
Woolpower Felt InsolesWoolpower felt insoles are made from the offcuts and trimmed material of the Woolpower garment making process. Containing 50% merino wool, and 50% synthetic fibres, these insoles are the perfect addition to shoes and boots, adding a layer of warmth and insulation beneath your feet.
Hestra Njord Work Gloves
Hestra Njord Work GlovesHestra Njord lined work gloves provide a hard-wearing leather glove that can be used with or without it's wool liner, and are perfect for dealing with hot and/or dirty stoves, grills, or any other chores that require hand protection.
Hestra Skullman Outdoor Gloves
Hestra Skullman Outdoor GlovesHestra's Skullman unlined work glove is a versatile, hardwearing glove for general outdoor use: excellent around camp for wood related tasks (collecting, processing, chopping, etc..) handling hot grills, dealing with hot and/or dirty stoves or any other chores that require hand protection.
Hestra Replacement Wool Glove Liner
Hestra Replacement Wool Glove LinerHestra's replacement wool glove liners for Lars Falt Guide Gloves can be used with Falt Guide Gloves, but also other Hestra gloves, provided sizing is adequate to support a liner. Made from a wool/nylon blend for the perfect balance of warmth retention and durability.
Hestra Hydra Seam Sealed Waterproof Shell Mitt
Hestra Hydra Seam Sealed Waterproof Shell MittHestra's waterproof shell mitts are designed to cover gloves or mitts and act as waterproof shield when snow turns to slush or rain, but can also be used as a mitt unto itself when paired with thermal liners. Triple layer nylon construction along with fully taped and sealed seams provides a lightweight, windproof and waterproof shell.
Woolpower Woolcare
Woolpower WoolcareWoolpower Woolcare is the perfect washing detergent that is both gentle on the environment and your clothes. It contains no enzymes (only low-impact renewable surfactants) and Woolcare contains the natural wool fat lanolin to protect the delicate fibers of wool.
Fenix HM61R Headlamp
Fenix HM61R HeadlampThe Fenix HM61R is a multi-function headlamp that features output of up to 1200 lumens, and the ability to use the light as a stand-alone flashlight. A red light function (to retain night vision), 8 output modes, and the ability to recharge in the flashlight housing makes the HM61R a powerful, flexible lighting solution.
Fisher Backpacker Pen
Fisher Backpacker Pen Fisher Backpacker Space Pens are available in two colours, that make it easy to find if you happen to set it down during any of your adventures. The ring on top of the cap allows you to attach it around your neck via lanyard or simply add it to your key ring so you're never without a writing utensil. Fisher space pens are guaranteed to write in the most extreme of conditions: underwater, upside-down and in temps from -40°C to +120°C!
Fenix HM60R Headlamp
Fenix HM60R HeadlampThe Fenix HM60R runs on a single 18650 battery, and has a maximum output of 1200 lumens. When used on the low setting, it has a runtime of 54 hours. Made of durable A6061-T6 aluminum, and has an IP68 water resistant rating to protect it from extreme environmental conditions and dust and debris.
Helle Kletten Kebony Folding Pocket Knife
Helle Kletten Kebony Folding Pocket KnifeThe Helle Kletten Kebony, like the original Kletten, is designed as an every day carry folding pocket knife, but uses newly developed Kebony wood (wood stabilized with waste biomass) that provides dark coloured, hardwearing scales.
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