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Legends from The Forest

Legends from The Forest

Legends Of The Forest is a collection of foundational stories that are indispensable for understanding boreal culture of the North. Told by Chief Thomas Fiddler, these various tales of Weesakajac (teacher and fool), and other creatures, medicine battles between clans and others stories dramatize the socio-cultural dynamics of Fiddler's homeland and provide a view as to the how-and-why, mysticism, and mystery of boreal cultural.

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A collection of foundational stories that are indispensable for understanding boreal culture of the North, Legends From The Forest is a 120 page paperback edition of stories that fully displays the organic view of existence that is essential for those inhabiting the boreal forest. The premier story teller of this book, Chief Thomas Fiddler had seen monumental change come to his people, yet remained strong in his traditions, and in keeping these stories alive.

The legends of Weesakayjac, the spirit of humanity, reaches back millennia to early stone age times, and are thus pre-Christian in origin. Other stories tell of communicating with creatures and people in the spirit world, as well as medicine battles between clans, and tales of the feats of Yorkboat men of the Hudson's Bay era.

First published in 1985, Legends of the Forest also includes the work of six Native artists: Sam Ash, Levius Fiddler,Gelineau P. Fisher, Douglas Kakekagumick, Johnson Meekis, and Noah Sainnawap.

Paperback, 120 pages with illustrations.

Please note: this book is for mature readers, as many stories deal with the polarities of life: intelligent and stupid, good and evil, honesty and deception, malice and benevolence.

Printed in Canada

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