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Sacred Legends

Sacred Legends

A revised edition of Sacred Legends of The Sandy Lake Cree, this book was declared "The best collection of Cree myths" by the Winnipeg Free Press upon it's publication in 1995. It includes stories of windigos, thunderbirds, and avenging gods that once inhabited the boreal forest south of Hudson Bay in what we now call Canada, and is a fascinating, detailed window into the folklore, world view, culture and ancient stories of the Sandy Lake Cree before Europeans arrived.

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A revised edition of Sacred Legends of The Sandy Lake Cree, Sacred Legends comes to us via Carl Ray (Woodland Artist, and founding member of the The Professional Native Indian Artists Inc), elders and other members of the Sandy Lake Cree Nation, and James R.Stevens (who has co-authored several books with First Nation holymen and leaders).

In these stories are the folklore, world view, morality, spirituality and culture of the Sandy Lake Cree written with integrity and true to their roots: without the constraints of Judeo-Christian culture (as many 19th century accounts of legends were overridden by European morality). As such, this book is for mature readers, as it has no concern for Christian convention: some of the stories contain bizarre and humorous sexual behaviour, while others are violent: representing the clash between monsters and human kind.

“It is a marvelous account... I heartily recommend it to all readers, and especially to those who realize how dangerous the alienation of modern man from his world has become.” - Farley Mowat.

Paperback, 144 pages with illustrations by Carl Ray.

Printed in Canada

Sacred Legends
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