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15'x15' Silnylon Tundra Tarp w Quad Loop

15'x15' Silnylon Tundra Tarp w Quad Loop

Need a big tarp for a group trip, or just to have extra dry space when it rains? Look no further than the CCS 15'x15' Tundra Tarp - 1.9oz silnylon construction provides strength and durability, lots of external tie out points (32), and a quad loop tie-out allows for maximum flexibility when slinging. Made in the USA.
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The CCS 15'x15' Silnylon Tundra Tarp is a very large (6 panel) tarp constructed from 1.9oz silicon coated nylon (70 denier, Type 6 nylon 15lb tongue tear strength), making it packable, light weight and very strong. Like all CCS tarps, the 15'x15' features CSS's ingenious quad loop tie-out: a means of attaching a centre pole (stave, hiking pole, canoe paddle) as a central support when the tarp cannot be suspended, along with 32 external, and 21 internal tie out loops - providing maximum set-up flexibility for any camp or bush site you may find yourself in.

Each Tundra Tarp comes complete with a stuff sack, 80ft (24m) of 450 lb test polyester cord, SilNet seamsealer and an applicator brush (for initial seam sealing before use).

  • Silicone coating does not wet out like urethane coated nylons
  • 3/4” nylon tape around perimeter with loops spaced every 20 to 24 inches around edges and along internal seams.
  • The strongest construction and most versatile to set up
  • Seams are sewn with nylon thread, single needle lockstitched with double stiched lapped seams
  • NO Grommets...which often fail at the worst times
  • Pack cloth reinforcement in centre with quad loops for securing a centre pole
  • Tarp it is constructed from 6 panels
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Capacity: 8 - 10 persons
  • Packed Size: 6" x 12" in silnylon stuff sack

Made in the USA.


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