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Ridgeline Lean Stuff Sack

Ridgeline Lean Stuff Sack

The CCS Ridgeline Lean Stuff Sack features a handle and a grommet for quick deployment of a ridgeline and setup for your CCS tarp, it also makes storing and organizing your tarp and all applicable lines fast, easy and efficient.

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Fast, Free Shipping
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5-Star Service

The CCS Ridgleline Lean Stuff Sack makes setting up your CCS tarp or lean too, effortless. Simply run a ridgeline through the grommet in the stuff sack, and through the presewn ridgeline loops in your CCS tarp. Using the sewn in handle of the stuff sack, you'll be able to remove the tarp (with ridgeline attached) from the stuff sack with ease. This will cut down on your set up time, as only the corner points will then need to be anchored. When you're ready to pack up from your adventure, effortlessly slide the tarp back along the ridgeline, and into the stuff sack for easy transporting and storage.

  • Ridgeline Lean Stuff Sack Specs:
  • Features Handle and Grommet for easy Ridgeline deployment
  • Diameter of 7 1/2"
  • Features two draw cord casings with cord lock: lower one 12" from the bottom, Top is 27 1/2" from the bottom
  • Available in orange only

Made in the USA.

BrandCooke Custom Sewing


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