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Spirit Animals - The Wisdom of Nature

Spirit Animals - The Wisdom of Nature

Spirit Animals - The Wisdom of Nature is a timeless book authored by award winning and acclaimed Aboriginal writer Wayne Arthurson. In this book he dives into the world of spirit animals to showcase the intrinsic link between the spirituality of Canada's Native peoples and how it was formed by observing the natural world around them.
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For countless millennia Native peoples in North America have believed in the power of totems and spirit animals to protect, teach, inspire, and heal. Humans and animals are equally part of Mother Earth and walk together across our shared landscapes. We are all creatures of nature: spiritual beings, and Wayne Arthurson's book delves into the world of spirit animals and shows the meanings of these animals to Native peoples and how nature has made its mark on their world.

280 pages - paperback

BrandLone Pine Publishing


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