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Bushbox Twig and Stick Stoves

Bushcraft Essentials offer flat folding twig and stick stoves from the diminutive Bushbox EDC to the full size Bushbox XL stove.
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Our Bushbox Stoves

We stock only the best in Bushbox Stoves so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Bushbox XL Stove
Bushbox XL StoveThe Bushbox XL stove is the largest stove in the Bushbox family, and features a fully connected, collapsable structure: all parts (including bottom tray and ash pan) stay connected, and fold flat into the stove when not in use. The Bushbox XL can support large pots and pans, and can use twigs, leaves, pine cones, and other organic matter as fuel - perfect when on longer outings where packing fuel can be cumbersome.
Bushbox XL Titanium Stove
Bushbox XL Titanium StoveThe Bushbox XL titanium stove is just that: The one-piece, collapsable, wood, wood pellets, alcohol, charcoal, and hexamine compatible Bushbox XL stove, but now almost 40% lighter due to it's updated titanium construction. Same solid Bushbox XL performance - new lightweight version.
Bushbox XL Combination Kit
Bushbox XL Combination KitThe Bushbox XL Kit Stove features a BushBox XL stove, a heavy duty carrying case, two trivets and a universal grate: allowing use of organic materials (leaves, branches, twigs, pine cones) as fuel, as well as Trangia burners, hexamine tablets, wood pellets, or charcoal, making it highly flexible while being able to pack it easily in a canoe or backpack.
Bushbox LF Stick Stove
Bushbox LF Stick StoveThe Bushbox LF stick stove is Bushbox's newest stove that sits in the "goldilocks" zone between the original Bushbox stove, and the Bushbox XL.
Bushbox LF Titanium Stick Stove
Bushbox LF Titanium Stick StoveThe Bushbox LF Titanium stove is over 30% lighter than the standard Bushbox LF stove, and includes a heavy duty outdoor bag.
Bushbox LF Set
Bushbox LF SetThe Bushbox LF set includes a Bushbox LF stove, Universal grate (for use with alternate fuel choices, or as a grill), and a heavy-duty cordura carrying case.
Bushbox Pocket Stove
Bushbox Pocket StoveThe Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Pocket Stove is a collapsable, stainless steel twig stove suitable for one or two people, that uses small twigs, branches, and other organic material as fuel, but can also be used in conjunction with Trangia burners, or hexamine tablets.
Bushbox Pocket Stove Set
Bushbox Pocket Stove SetThe Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Pocket Stove Set is a collapsable, stainless steel twig stove with a heavy duty cordura carrying case that is suitable for one or two people, and can be fuelled by either organic matter (twigs, bark, pine cones, etc..) Trangia Burners, or hexamine tablets.
Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket Stove
Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket StoveThe Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket Stove packs in at a feather weight 70g, yet allows for cooking with almost all pot sizes, using twigs, bark, leaves and pine cones for fuel, as well as the option of using Trangia burner, or hexamine tablets.
Bushbox Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox
Bushbox Pocket Micro Stove EDCBoxThe diminutive Bushbox Pocket Micro Stove EDCBox packs small enough to put into a shirt pocket, wallet, or carry on a carabiner, but allows for quickly heating and boiling cups of water while out in the field, or on the trail or portage.

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