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Frost River Canoe Packs

Frost River's waxed canvas canoe packs are built tough and bomb proof - for weekend trips to full lbown multi-week expeditions.
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Frost River
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About Frost River Canoe Packs

Frost River's Canoe packs are made to last, waxed canvas bags hand made in Duluth, Minnesota. All straps are stitched AND riveted, for the ultimate in toughness and longevity. Solid brass hardware provides durability and the peace of mind that you'll most likely wear out long before your canoe pack does. Available in various sizes and configurations, if you're looking for a canoe pack to hand down to your kids, look no further than Frost River.

Our Frost River Canoe Packs

We stock only the best in Frost River Canoe Packs so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Frost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe Pack
Frost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe PackThe Frost River Camp Cook's Kitchen Canoe pack is much loved by canoeists, whether designated the camp cook or not. Featuring two large side pockets, and a detachable utensil roll, this hand made American canvas canoe pack features unparalleled quality and craftsmanship for all your canoeing and camping adventures.
Frost River Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack
Frost River Cliff Jacobson Signature PackThe Cliff Jacobson Signature Pack can function as a smaller canoe pack or as a full featured daypack. It includes a large main compartment, two large 2-in-1 side pockets, a front slip pocket, and flaps to keep your gear in - a versatile, compact, hard-wearing pack.
Frost River Padded Canvas Waist Belt
Frost River Padded Canvas Waist BeltThe Frost River padded canvas waist belt is an upgraded hip belt for use with Frost River's Isle Royale backpacks, and the Tregurtha, Camp Cook Kitchen, Timber Cruiser, Old No.7, Old No.3, Lewis & Clark, and Grand Portage canoe packs.
Martexin Original Wax Canvas Conditioner
Martexin Original Wax Canvas ConditionerMartexin Waxed canvas conditioner is the original finish used on Frost River bags and packs, but can be applied to any oiled/waxed canvas product to re-establish waterproofing once the canvas begins to dry out.
Frost River Tregurtha Canoe Pack
Frost River Tregurtha Canoe PackThe Frost River Tregurtha is Frost River's largest canoe pack and is named after the Paul R. Tregurtha: the biggest ore boat on the Great Lakes. With a max volume of 149L, this rugged, built like a tank canvas canoe pack is ready for any and all of your canoeing and portaging adventures.
Frost River Grand Portage Canoe Pack
Frost River Grand Portage Canoe PackThe Frost River Grand Portage pack is a 123L waxed canvas canoe pack that is hand made in the USA. Perfect for multi-day canoe trips, the Grand Portage pack's rugged, durable construction ensures reliability and dependability while paddling and portaging.
Frost River Timber Cruiser Canoe Pack
Frost River Timber Cruiser Canoe PackThe Frost River Timber Cruiser Pack is a mid-to-large size (85.5L) canoe pack with 2-in-one side pockets, and features padded backstraps, 18oz. waxed cotton canvas, double bottom construction, solid brass hardware, and hand pounded harness rivets. A canoe pack that's made to last.
Frost River Woodsman Canoe Pack
Frost River Woodsman Canoe PackThe Frost River Woodsman canoe pack is a smaller, 51L canoe pack that is perfect for shorter trips, smaller loads, or smaller people. Featuring the same rugged construction of Frost River's other packs but with an overall smaller footprint, the Woodsman can function as a canoe pack, and also as daypack.
Frost River Old No. 7 Canoe Pack
Frost River Old No. 7 Canoe PackThe Frost River Old No. 7 Canoe Pack is a great medium sized all purpose canoe pack, well suited to quick over-nighters, or longer multi day expeditions. Like all Frost River packs the Old No. 7 is built in the USA and made to last a lifetime of canoe trips.
Palisade Attachable Portage Pack
Palisade Attachable Portage PackAdd additional storage to your canoe pack, or keep important gear at your fingertips with the Palisade Attachable Portage Pack.
Frost River Cotton Pistol Belt Waistbelt
Frost River Cotton Pistol Belt Waistbelt The Frost River Cotton Pistol Belt Waistbelt, is a 2.25" wide cotton web belt, that is compatible with any Frost River pack that has the waist belt holder built in.
Palisade Portage Pack Attachment Kit
Palisade Portage Pack Attachment Kit This attachment kit has the hardware you need to put some extra packing space on your Frost River pack by installing a Palisade Portage Pack on the front between the shoulder straps.
Visk Fabric Wax
Sold Out Visk Fabric WaxVisk Fabric Wax is a 100% Canadian made mix of wax, oils and resin for applying to canvas and other fabrics to provide superior water proofing and repellency.
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