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Collingwood, the Blue Mountains & Beaver Valley Hikes

Collingwood, the Blue Mountains & Beaver Valley Hikes

Collingwood Hikes details 35 hiking loops in the Collingwood region of Southern Ontario including Blue Mountain & the Beaver Valley. Visit serene trails along Metcalfe Rock, Pinnacle Rock, Freedom Rock and Old Baldy to discover beautiful crevices, caves, and canyons.
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Collingwood Hikes offer detailed routes of 35 loop hikes in the Collingwood region that take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 days to complete. Nicola Ross' Loops and Lattes Guide provides full colour maps, difficulty ratings, points of interest, local history and even the number of steps and calories burned on each hike.

Collingwood Hikes is a great companion when selecting short afternoon, or longer day or multi day hikes in the Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Beaver Valley areas. A lot of the loops offer beautiful vistas, and all the hikes come with local suggestions on where to grab a coffee or a sandwich with your hiking buddy.

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