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Hiking Gear

Hiking slows the pace of the modern world to the walking stride of the trail - and allows one to take in the flora and fauna that one travels in and through, fully immersed in their environment.
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Our Hiking Gear

We stock only the best in Hiking Gear so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/m
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/mCold feet? Not with Woolpower socks - combine different weights to keep your feet toasty in any conditions.
Woolpower LITE Crewneck
Woolpower LITE CrewneckThe Woolpower LITE crewneck is great as a base layer in cool weather, can be used in combination with other Woolpower layers, or used as a thermal layer during aerobic activity in colder weather that wicks moisture, and combats odour and bacteria.
Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack)
Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack)The Jaakari M backpack is a excellent 22 - 30L day or multi-day pack that offers MOLLE compatibility for maximum flexibility, a rigid frame sheet for the transfer of load weight onto the hips, a padded suspension, and Savotta's tough-as-nails construction.
Jaakari L (Rajajääkäri)
Jaakari L (Rajajääkäri)The Jaakari L (aka Rajajääkäri) backpack is a serious 40 - 60L hiking backpack that features an internal aluminum frame, a waterproof roll-top that can expand to accommodate larger loads, a hydration pocket, 4 interior pockets, and a zippered bottom section to keep wet or dirty gear separated from the main compartment. Made in Finland with a 5 year warranty.
The Bruce Trail Guide - 30th Edition
The Bruce Trail Guide - 30th EditionThe new, 30th edition Bruce Trail Guide is the definitive resource for exploring the Bruce Trail. It is your key to a safe and enjoyable time on all 890km of the oldest and longest continuous public footpath in Canada.
Jaakari XL (Jääkäri Rucksack)
Jaakari XL (Jääkäri Rucksack)The largest of Savotta's Jaakari line, the Jaakari XL (aka Jääkäri Rucksack), is an 80-120L pack that features a detachable external frame, a waterproof roll top, and multiple compartments and pockets for keeping organized. A rugged, durable, expedition size pack that is made in Finland and comes with a 5 year warranty.
Woolpower LITE Women's Long Johns
Woolpower LITE Women's Long JohnsWoolpower LITE long johns for women are great as a cool weather base, or as a thermal layer during aerobic activity in colder weather (jogging, running, skiing, skating,etc..)
Woolpower LITE Men's Long Johns
Woolpower LITE Men's Long JohnsWoolpower LITE long johns for men are great as a thermal layer during aerobic activity in colder weather (jogging, running, skiing, skating,etc..) or as a lightweight cool weather base.
Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet
Gransfors Bruks Wildlife HatchetA small, light axe which can be easily carried, masked with its leather sheath, inside your pack or on your belt.
Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe
Gransfors Bruks Outdoor AxeThe Outdoor Axe is a small, lightweight hatchet sized axe designed to have numerous uses: limbing trees, chopping and splitting firewood, and also as a heavy knife for woodcarving or simply cutting food. Despite its small stature, the Outdoor Axe can even be used for felling trees when kneeling, thanks to its relatively long handle and heavy head.
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & WatertightThe .5 is a great kit for one-to-two-day solo trips when you want an ultralight, waterproof kit with basic first aid essentials.
Fenix HM23 LED Headlamp
Fenix HM23 LED HeadlampThe new Fenix HM23 headlamp is a high intensity, AA powered, waterproof, light-weight headlamp with a max output of 240 lumens from a single AA battery.
Helle Mandra Neck Knife
Helle Mandra Neck KnifeThe Helle Mandra Neck Knife is another collaboration between Helle of Norway, and "Survivorman" Les Stroud - this time inspired by the Carpathian Mountains in Romania during filming of Survivorman. The Mandra features a full tang, and Helle's triple laminated stainless steel, along with a full grain leather sheath with a securing strap and snap.
Fenix PD36R Flashlight
Fenix PD36R FlashlightThe Fenix PD36R has a max output of 1600 Lumens on the turbo setting which casts a beam distance of almost 290m. The PD36R has been IP68 waterproof rated, allowing it to withstand being underwater up to 2m for 30 minutes, and has an innovated two way body clip that attaches to backpacks, belts and clothes.
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .7
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .7The Ultralight/Watertight .7 medical kit is designed for 1 - 2 people for trips up to 4 days in length. Perfect for canoe trips, hiking, cycling, skiing, climbing and more.
Fenix PD36 TAC Flashlight
Fenix PD36 TAC FlashlightThe PD36 TAC is the tactical version of the PD36, with a maximum output of 3000 lumens. It features a mechanical toggle on the tail to let you swap between modes or lock your desired setting, runs on a single 21700 lithium ion battery, and is able to withstand extreme environments and temperatures.
Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition Flashlight
Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition FlashlightThe Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition is a newly updated PD35 that features increased output (1000 lumens) and new tactical and outdoor modes, with up to six levels of output, all from a single 18650 or two CR123A batteries.
Halton Hikes
Halton HikesHalton Hikes details 37 hiking loops in Halton Region (west/northwest of Toronto) Ontario including portions of the Bruce Trail, as well as municipal trails and conservation areas along the Niagara Escarpment in Oakville, Burlington, and up through Campbellville, Milton, Acton, Georgetown in to Rockwood, Eden Mills, Erin and more.
Caledon Hikes
Caledon HikesCaledon Hikes details 37 hiking loops in the Caledon region (northwest of Toronto) of Ontario including portions of the Bruce Trail, the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail, the Humber Valley Heritage Trail, the Grand Valley Trail, and the Trans Canada Trail.
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .3
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .3The .Ultralight/Watertight .3 medical kit is perfect for 1 person on a 1-2 day trip, and stows easily in purses, bike bags, glove compartments and back packs.
Hamilton and Area Hikes
Hamilton and Area HikesThe Hamilton area is home to over 100 waterfalls, and Hamilton and Area Hikes takes you to over 20 of them, and also includes loop hike routes in Stoney Creek, Dundas Valley, Paris, Grand River, Brantford, Cootes Paradise and Oshweken amongst others - with route lengths from 2.5 to 23.5 km in the Hamilton area and Brant County.
Dufferin Hikes
Dufferin HikesSet north of Peel and Caledon Regions, north west of the city of Toronto, Dufferin Region offers excellent hiking opportunities in and around Orangeville, Shelburne, Mono, in the Hockley Valley, and at Mono Cliffs. Dufferin Hikes outlines 32 loop hikes ranging in length from 2.2 to 21 km long, with detailed maps, colour photos and local history and lore.
Exped Waterproof Compression Bag
Exped Waterproof Compression Bag Exped's waterproof compression bags are ideal for dry storage and compacting of clothes, sleeping bags or other items you need to keep dry. The seam taped material reliably protects against water, moisture, dirt and dust. This versatile bag can also be used as an effective bag pump when the Exped schnozzle (sold separately) is attached.
Fenix CL09 Camp Lantern
Sold Out Fenix CL09 Camp LanternThe Fenix CL09 is a waterproof, diminutive camping lantern that fits into the palm of your hand, but can output up to 200 lumens - plenty of light for a tent, picnic or tarped area. The CL09 can output white, red, or green light (easier on the eyes in low light situations), can be hung or attached to metal via it's magnetic base and includes a 16340 battery that is rechargeable via micro USB.
Helle Algonquin Neck Knife
Sold Out Helle Algonquin Neck KnifeThe Helle Algonquin Neck Knife is a compact, all purpose outdoor knife that features a 69mm laminated stainless blade, a darkened oak, curly birch and red leather spacer handle, and comes with a full grain leather sheath with lanyard for wearing around the neck. Destined to become a classic.
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