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Hunting Gear

Hunting makes many demands on it’s participants: long hours in blinds or stands, the variability of weather and temperatures, as well as the whims and impulses prey. Warm clothes, sharp knives and functional tools are the hallmark of a successful hunt.
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Our Hunting Gear

We stock only the best in Hunting Gear so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/m
Woolpower Socks 200, 400, 600 g/mCold feet? Not with Woolpower socks - combine different weights to keep your feet toasty in any conditions.
Woolpower Crewneck
Woolpower CrewneckA perfect cold weather base layer - extremely effective at wicking away moisture, while retaining precious body heat.
FORJ Repair Tape
FORJ Repair TapeFORJ repair tape is somewhat of a wonder material. Incredibly strong once heated, it can be used to repair broken tool handles, paddles, canoe seats and gunnels, can function like a chain, line, or rivets, and can even assist when treating fractured or broken bones.
Esker Classic 2 Winter Camping Hot Tent - 10x10
Esker Classic 2 Winter Camping Hot Tent - 10x10New for 2020, The Esker Classic 2 - 10x10 Winter Camping Tent canvas hot tent features the same cotton construction, and dimensions as the original Esker Classic 10x10, but moves the stove pipe ring to the right side wall, so that when paired with a stove with an elbow, reduces the chances of getting creosote or embers on the tent fabric.
Woolpower Long Johns
Woolpower Long JohnsYou haven't felt what a difference a great pair of long johns make until you've tried these long johns form Woolpower - made of acircularly knit fabric, and as a result, have no lengthwise seams down the legs. A gusset in the back ensures optimal comfort, and leg cuffs are sewn in.
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement ZipperBroken zippers are normally the death knell of many products. ZlideOn from Sweden have designed a quick and easy zipper replacement mechanism for quick and easy restoration of zippers on sleeping bags, garments, bags, packs and more.
Woolpower Balaclava
Woolpower BalaclavaA howling wind in -25°C calls for serious head protection - that's where a balaclava comes in.
ZlideOn Replacement Metal Zipper
ZlideOn Replacement Metal ZipperFor most products, their end of life can largely be defined by when the zippers give out. We all have jackets, packs, bags, etc..where once the zipper goes, the product is essentially rendered useless - but it doesn't have to be that way. ZlideOn replacement zippers from Sweden install in a matter of seconds, and provide a means of restoring functionality to zippers where the zip slider mechanism has failed or is damaged - thereby allowing for repair, and extending the life cycle of products with zippers. Hooray!!
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure has normally meant the end of the road for many products - especially packs or bags, where installing a whole new zipper assembly would be difficult or impossible. Thanks to ZlideOn, zippers with faulty zip mechanisms can now be easily repaired in under 30 seconds - giving new life to garments, packs and bags where a zipper has failed.
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper Multipacks
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper MultipacksZlideOn replacement zipper multipacks offer a range of sizes and zipper styles to replace zippers on metal, plastic, narrow and waterproof zippers. Quick and easy to install, ZlideOn replacement zippers are the eco-friendly way to extend the life of all your zippered gear.
Esker Superior Winter Camping Stove
Esker Superior Winter Camping StoveThe Esker Superior winter camping stove is the largest of Esker's portable wood stoves, and is designed for use with Esker's Classic 12x12, Classic 2 12x12, or other similarly sized winter hot tents or canvas prospector tents. Featuring Esker's snow float legs, a 43.1L stove box, and a nesting pipe set, the Esker Superior provides lightweight, portable heating power for larger sized tents.
Esker Huron Winter Camping Stove
Esker Huron Winter Camping StoveThe Esker Huron winter camping stove is designed for use with the Esker's Arctic Fox 10x10, Classic 10x10, Classic 2 10x10, or other similarly sized winter hot tents or prospector tents. Featuring Esker's snow float legs, a 35.5L stove box, and a nesting pipe set, the Esker Huron provides a great portable wood stove option with a small footprint.
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure usually means the end of road for garments, packs and bags - especially ones with waterproof zippers. Fortunately, ZlideOn from Sweden comes to the rescue with replacement zipper sliders specifically designed for waterproof zippers - don't discard, repair!
Esker Ontario Winter Camping Stove
Esker Ontario Winter Camping StoveThe Esker Ontario winter camping stove is designed for use with the Esker's Arctic Fox 10x10, Classic 10x10, Classic 2 10x10, or other similarly sized winter hot tents or prospector tents. Featuring a 25.7L stove box, a nesting pipe set, and Esker's snow float legs, the Esker Ontario provides an excellent heating option for mid-sized winter and canvas tents.
Gransfors Bruks Hunter's Axe
Gransfors Bruks Hunter's AxeSpecially made for hunters. The poll is forged thinner than normal and gently rounded and burnished to a flay poll to be used when skinning an animal.
Chromium Oxide Paste
Chromium Oxide PasteChromium Oxide paste is used to coat a leather strop with very fine particulate that works to smooth and refine knife or axe edges after sharpening, increasing the keenness of a sharpened edge.
Esker Classic Winter Camping Hot Tent - 10x10
Esker Classic Winter Camping Hot Tent - 10x10The Esker Classic 10x10 Winter Camping Tent canvas hot tent features the same cotton construction, standard air vent, and two-way zippered opening as the Arctic Fox model, but sports a 4 sided (square) design, as opposed to the 5 sided Arctic Fox - making it more intuitive to set up, roomier, and allows for side-by-side sleeping: perfect for families.
Frost River Shell Bag
Frost River Shell Bag The Frost River Shell Bag is a tough, rugged over the shoulder option for anybody looking to add some extra storage and carrying capacity. Used by hunters, anglers and hikers alike, this bag can carry any extra ammo, plano boxes, or other gear and supplies that you want to keep dry and easily accessible. You can even take it on all your daily adventures and use it as a functional everyday shoulder bag or purse.
Double Sided Paddle Strop
Double Sided Paddle StropOur wide, two sided paddle strop features one side with grain leather, the other with flesh side leather, providing two surfaces for the use of different compounds, or for applying chromium oxide to one side, and leaving the other as a final, leather only stropping surface.
Esker Classic  2 Winter Camping Hot Tent - 12x12
Esker Classic 2 Winter Camping Hot Tent - 12x12The largest of Esker's Classic series tents, the 12x12 Classic 2 is dimensionally the same as the original Classic 12x12, but moves the stove pipe ring to the side of the tent, which supports the use of stoves with elbows, and thereby reduces the chances of creosote and embers landing on the tent.
Adventure Medical Kits - Field Trauma First Aid Kit (CLONE)
Adventure Medical Kits - Field Trauma First Aid Kit (CLONE)Adventure Medical's Sportsman's Kits are designed with hunters and fisherman (and fisherwomen) in mind. Good for groups of 1 - 4 for trips up to 4 days in length, the Whitetail Medical Kit is designed for everything from blisters, burns and strains to wounds from fish hooks, arrows or bullets.
Helle Mandra Neck Knife
Helle Mandra Neck KnifeThe Helle Mandra Neck Knife is another collaboration between Helle of Norway, and "Survivorman" Les Stroud - this time inspired by the Carpathian Mountains in Romania during filming of Survivorman. The Mandra features a full tang, and Helle's triple laminated stainless steel, along with a full grain leather sheath with a securing strap and snap.
Esker Classic Winter Camping Hot Tent - 12x12
Esker Classic Winter Camping Hot Tent - 12x12The Esker 12 x 12 Classic winter hot tent is ideal for sleeping larger groups of 4-6 with a stove, for families, or for use as a warming station for schools, scouts, or outfitters.
Fallkniven DC521 Diamond Bench Stone
Fallkniven DC521 Diamond Bench StoneThe Fallkniven DC521 bench stone offers two very different kinds of stones; The yellow side is a fast and aggressive diamond stone, while the dark side is a slow, very fine ceramic stone. Both surfaces are precision flat, which is a prerequisite for perfect sharpening results.
Adventure Medical Kits - Sportsman Bighorn First Aid Kit
Adventure Medical Kits - Sportsman Bighorn First Aid KitThe Adventure Medical Sportsman Bighorn Kits is designed for groups of hunters on extended trips. Featuring a detachable Field Trauma kit for day trips away from base camp, and supplies like QuikClot, trauma pads, petrolatum gauze, and triangular bandages the Bighorn Kit treats the most frequently sustained hunting/fishing injuries.
Helle Gaupe 12C27 Knife
Helle Gaupe 12C27 KnifeIn 2022 Helle add a new version of the classic Gaupe knife. Equally as beautiful and balanced as it's sibling with a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade.
Filson Double Hunting Pants
Sold Out Filson Double Hunting PantsThese rugged, highly durable oil cloth pants are made for life in the bush. Made of Filson's 11 oz oil finish shelter cloth (green) with a secondary layer of 15 oz oil finish tin cloth (beige) in high wear areas, these pants are water repellant, abrasion resistant, and wind resistant.
Filson Mackinaw Bib Field Pants
Sold Out Filson Mackinaw Bib Field PantsThese heavyweight mackinaw wool bibs are durable and warm. The natural insulating qualities of Filson's 100% virgin wool provides a combination of breathable comfort and water-repellent performance. Made in USA.
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