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Savotta Pouches & Pockets

Savotta's selection of pouches and pockets provide interoperability with any MOLLE/PALS webbing system to allow for customization of packs and bags.
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About Savotta Pouches & Pockets

Savotta's selection of pouches and pockets extend the capabilities and capacities of Savotta's backpacks, and provide interoperability with any MOLLE/PALS webbing system to allow for modification and customization of packs and bags.

Our Savotta Pouches & Pockets

We stock only the best in Savotta Pouches & Pockets so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Savotta Trinket Pockets
Savotta Trinket PocketsSavotta's trinket pockets are highly useful for storing and organizing all manner of first aid items, hygiene products, tools, electronics, camera accessories, clothing, etc. Featuring mesh construction, a full diagonal zipper, and webbing in the corners for attaching via carabiners, lines, or buckles, and a choice of either a stand-alone pouch, or hook back (velcro) backing, the Savotta trinket pocket is available in three sizes.
Savotta Side Pouches
Savotta Side PouchesSavotta Side Pouches provide PALS/MOLLE compatible modular storage space for Savotta's Jaakari backpacks (or any other PALS compatible pack). Perfect for keeping items you need often or at the ready (rain gear, thermal layers, tarps, water bottles, stoves, etc..), Savotta Side Pouches sport covered zippers, webbing loops on the front for carabiners or other attachments, and an internal pocket, 25 mm D-ring, and webbing loop.
Savotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff Sack
Savotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta's Mesh Roll Top Stuff Sacks are great for all-purpose storage, transport and organizing. Partially transparent, expandable and contractible they are constructed from a strong mesh material and are available in 3 colours and 4 sizes.
 Savotta Kukkaro Hip Pack
Savotta Kukkaro Hip PackThe Savotta Kukkaro Hip Pack is a well thought out and designed fanny pack that features multiple pockets, loops and storage areas in it's interior to help keep organized, as well as PALS webbing on sides and bottom to attach carabiners, flashlights or other compartments. Comes with a 5 year warranty.
Savotta Water Bag
Savotta Water BagA lightweight, compact, packable bag for carrying water from water sources to your campsite or campfire. When packed, the bag doesn’t take up nearly any space at all, but when filled it can hold up to twelve litres of water. Made from lightweight 70D ripstop polyamide with a waterproof polyurethane coating.
Savotta 210D Rolltop Stuffsack
Savotta 210D Rolltop StuffsackSavotta's 210D Rolltop Stuffsacks are a simple yet effective design, and join Savotta's heavier weight 500D (denier) roll top stuffsacks, and mesh bags to make organizing and storing your gear quick and easy. Available in 5 sizes, and 4 colours.
Savotta Pack Straps
Savotta Pack StrapsSavotta packing straps allow you to securing gear to the outside of your pack, but can also be used for general lashing chores, or for cinching items down. Available in two colours, green or black, and two buckle styles, cam or SR.
Savotta Zipped GP Pouches
Savotta Zipped GP PouchesSavotta Zipped GP Pouches are general purpose utility pouches with internal elastic loops and tie-down points that are perfect for stowing flashlights, multi-tools, compasses, snacks, gloves or other small items, and can be worn on a belt, or attached to packs via the included PALS webbing and attachment straps.
Savotta 500D Roll Top Stuff Sack
Savotta 500D Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta's 500D Roll Top Stuff Sacks are designed as rugged, tough stuff sacks for transport and storage of all types of bulky gear.
Savotta Elastic Cord Kit
Savotta Elastic Cord Kit Create versatile attachment points on your pack, with 4m of elastic cord, and cord locks. Think, cut, burn-- and you're ready to go.
Savotta PALS/MOLLE Compatible Side Release Female Buckle
Savotta PALS/MOLLE Compatible Side Release Female BuckleSavotta's PAL/MOLLE mountable female side release 2M Warrior Buckle can be used with all Savotta Jääkäri series packs to enable quick clipping in and out of pouches and smaller packs via the Jääkäri's compression straps. Great for attaching smaller daypacks to larger hiking packs, or pouches used for medical kits or supply bags.
Savotta Elastic Strap Keepers
Savotta Elastic Strap KeepersKeep your webbing straps neat and tidy with these Elastic Strap Keepers from Savotta
Savotta Askare Hip Pack
Savotta Askare Hip PackThe Savotta Askare Hip Pack is a large fanny pack originally designed for Finnish sniper teams to carry spotting equipment, that can be worn around the waist (best in the small of the back), or as an over-the-shoulder sling pack, and can also be attached as a sub-compartment to other packs. Internally the bag features a variety of options for organizing your gear: elastic webbing loops of various size, flat compartments, tie-down loops and a loop surface for attaching hook-backed organizers. Comes with a 5 year warranty.
Savotta Elastic Organizers
Savotta Elastic OrganizersKeep all the small important stuff in your pack organized with these elastic organizers. They feature a hook back, which allows them to be added to any loop section back (velcro) found in your pack
Savotta Vertical Pocket - Large
Savotta Vertical Pocket - LargeThe largest of Savotta's Vertical Pockets is a 6L capacity pouch that can be attached to Savotta's backpacks (or any MOLLE/PALS compatible pack), and provides extra capacity to backpacks, as well as easy access to gear stored within. Once attached to a pack, Savotta's Large Vertical Pocket provides the means for stowing tools like hatchets and axes between the pocket and the main pack.
Savotta Vertical Pocket - Medium
Savotta Vertical Pocket - MediumThe Savotta Medium Vertical Pocket is a 4L capacity pouch that can be attached to used as a stand-alone belt pouch, or attached to Savotta's backpacks (or any MOLLE/PALS compatible pack), or and allows for quick and easy access to rain gear, water, bug spray etc..without having to dig into a packed main bag.
Savotta PALS/MOLLE 2M Split-bar Warrior Buckle
Savotta PALS/MOLLE 2M Split-bar Warrior BuckleSplit-Bar 2M Warrior Buckles can be used to modify or repair Savotta Jääkäri series packs or other packs compatible with ITW Classic SR 25 mm male buckles. Optimal for attaching smaller daypacks or pouches to larger hiking packs, or to modify how you carry your gear.
Savotta Folding Dump Pouch
Savotta Folding Dump PouchThe Savotta Folding Dump Pouch packs up small and compact when not in use, but expands to a 5L pouch that can be attached to a pack or worn on a belt and used to store water bottles, tinder, berries, or other items. Comes with 5 year warranty.
Savotta MPP Foam Mat
Savotta MPP Foam MatA simple yet multifunctional padded mat from Savotta that can be used as a framesheet in the hydration sleeve of your Jaakari S backpack for added rigidity and support, or for use as a waterproof cushion for sitting or kneeling out in the field.

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