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Boating Gear

A good strong light, warm clothes, and means for staying organized are a boater’s best friends - and we’ve got you covered!
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Gränsfors Bruk
Woolpower Ostersund

Our Boating Gear

We stock only the best in Boating Gear so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Woolpower Full Zip Jacket
Woolpower Full Zip JacketThe perfect mid layer jacket- full zip sweater has high, reinforced collar and cuffs with thumb holes, and has a longer back to avoid gaps.
Woolpower Crewneck
Woolpower CrewneckA perfect cold weather base layer - extremely effective at wicking away moisture, while retaining precious body heat.
Savotta Trinket Pockets
Savotta Trinket PocketsSavotta's trinket pockets are highly useful for storing and organizing all manner of first aid items, hygiene products, tools, electronics, camera accessories, clothing, etc. Featuring mesh construction, a full diagonal zipper, and webbing in the corners for attaching via carabiners, lines, or buckles, and a choice of either a stand-alone pouch, or hook back (velcro) backing, the Savotta trinket pocket is available in three sizes.
Savotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff Sack
Savotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta's Mesh Roll Top Stuff Sacks are great for all-purpose storage, transport and organizing. Partially transparent, expandable and contractible they are constructed from a strong mesh material and are available in 3 colours and 4 sizes.
Exped Waterproof Compression Bag
Exped Waterproof Compression Bag Exped's waterproof compression bags are ideal for dry storage and compacting of clothes, sleeping bags or other items you need to keep dry. The seam taped material reliably protects against water, moisture, dirt and dust. This versatile bag can also be used as an effective bag pump when the Exped schnozzle (sold separately) is attached.
FORJ Repair Tape
FORJ Repair TapeFORJ repair tape is somewhat of a wonder material. Incredibly strong once heated, it can be used to repair broken tool handles, paddles, canoe seats and gunnels, can function like a chain, line, or rivets, and can even assist when treating fractured or broken bones.
Katadyn Vario Tri-Technology Microfilter
Katadyn Vario Tri-Technology MicrofilterThe Vario combines individual efficiency with the simplest possible handling. The technology it uses consists of three filter levels: a high-performance glass fibre filter, a ceramic pre-filter that can be adjusted individually according to the cloudiness of the water, and active charcoal for eliminating odours.
Savotta 210D Rolltop Stuffsack
Savotta 210D Rolltop StuffsackSavotta's 210D Rolltop Stuffsacks are a simple yet effective design, and join Savotta's heavier weight 500D (denier) roll top stuffsacks, and mesh bags to make organizing and storing your gear quick and easy. Available in 5 sizes, and 4 colours.
ZlideOn Replacement Metal Zipper
ZlideOn Replacement Metal ZipperFor most products, their end of life can largely be defined by when the zippers give out. We all have jackets, packs, bags, etc..where once the zipper goes, the product is essentially rendered useless - but it doesn't have to be that way. ZlideOn replacement zippers from Sweden install in a matter of seconds, and provide a means of restoring functionality to zippers where the zip slider mechanism has failed or is damaged - thereby allowing for repair, and extending the life cycle of products with zippers. Hooray!!
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement ZipperBroken zippers are normally the death knell of many products. ZlideOn from Sweden have designed a quick and easy zipper replacement mechanism for quick and easy restoration of zippers on sleeping bags, garments, bags, packs and more.
Savotta 500D Roll Top Stuff Sack
Savotta 500D Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta's 500D Roll Top Stuff Sacks are designed as rugged, tough stuff sacks for transport and storage of all types of bulky gear.
Woolpower LITE Zip Turtleneck
Woolpower LITE Zip TurtleneckThe Woolpower LITE zip turtle neck is a highly versatile merino base layer that allows for venting and covering the base of the neck - making it perfect for fall or early spring weather with cold mornings and evenings, or for aerobic activity like running, hiking, or cycling. Made in Sweden, and sewn by a single seamstress (who outs her name tag in each garment), the Woolpower LITE zip turtleneck is a high quality, functional, adaptable merino wool base layer.
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure has normally meant the end of the road for many products - especially packs or bags, where installing a whole new zipper assembly would be difficult or impossible. Thanks to ZlideOn, zippers with faulty zip mechanisms can now be easily repaired in under 30 seconds - giving new life to garments, packs and bags where a zipper has failed.
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper Multipacks
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper MultipacksZlideOn replacement zipper multipacks offer a range of sizes and zipper styles to replace zippers on metal, plastic, narrow and waterproof zippers. Quick and easy to install, ZlideOn replacement zippers are the eco-friendly way to extend the life of all your zippered gear.
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure usually means the end of road for garments, packs and bags - especially ones with waterproof zippers. Fortunately, ZlideOn from Sweden comes to the rescue with replacement zipper sliders specifically designed for waterproof zippers - don't discard, repair!
Savotta Vertical Pocket - Large
Savotta Vertical Pocket - LargeThe largest of Savotta's Vertical Pockets is a 6L capacity pouch that can be attached to Savotta's backpacks (or any MOLLE/PALS compatible pack), and provides extra capacity to backpacks, as well as easy access to gear stored within. Once attached to a pack, Savotta's Large Vertical Pocket provides the means for stowing tools like hatchets and axes between the pocket and the main pack.
Savotta Horizontal Pocket - Medium
Savotta Horizontal Pocket - MediumThe Savotta Medium Horizontal Pocket is a 3L capacity undivided pouch designed to be worn on any standard belt, or attached via it's MOLLE/PALS webbing to compatible backpacks and hip-belts. Ideal for stowing rain gear or other essentials at the ready.
Katadyn Pocket Microfilter
Katadyn Pocket MicrofilterThe classsic. This robust water filter made of heavy duty materials is ideal for long lasting continuous use even under extreme circumstances. The silver impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa. The Katadyn Pocket is the only water filter with a 20 year warranty. Includes: Prefilter, bottle clip and carry bag.
Gransfors Bruks Hand Hatchet
Gransfors Bruks Hand HatchetA small little hatchet for quite heavy work is easily packed in a backpack, a toolbox, or carried on the belt. Can be used as an axe or a knife, for cutting small branches, chopping and splitting sticks for a campfire, artistic wood carving etc.
Fenix LR40R Flashlight
Fenix LR40R FlashlightThe Fenix LR40R outputs a whopping 12,000 lumens at it's highest output, yet is a compact, hand held flashlight that has options for flood or spotlight operation (with a max beam distance of 640m), charges via a USB C port, and is powered by an included Li-Ion battery pack, or via 1, 2, 3, or 4, 18650 li-ion batteries.
Fenix HT30R Laser Flashlight
Fenix HT30R Laser FlashlightThe Fenix HT30R is a Class 1 white laser light, with a jaw dropping maximum beam throw of 1.5 kilometres. It features a max output of 500 lumens, with instant activation from the dual tail switch, which allows for the operation of two lighting modes. Runs on a single included rechargeable ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 li-ion battery.
Fenix LR40RV2 Flashlight
Fenix LR40RV2 FlashlightNeed a massively bright light that fits in one hand for search and rescue, or industrial inspection applications? The Fenix LR40R V2 updates Fenix's LR40R flashlight with an increase on overall brightness (15,000 lumens) with the same compact, hand held form factor, and flood/spotlight/combined output operation. Max beam distance is 900 metres (!), and the included Li-Ion battery pack is USB-C fast charging, as well as USB-A output compatible.
Fenix LR35R Flashlight
Sold Out Fenix LR35R FlashlightThe Fenix LR35R has an incredible output of 10,000 lumens. Its flat body design (similar to the TK35) allows it to be compact, lightweight while still durable. The included USB-C charging port makes recharging the included ARB-L21-4000P 4000mAh 21700 batteries hassle free, and the battery level indicator lets you know when power is running low. The LR35R features a wide angle 90° flood beam and a throw distance of almost 500m.
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