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Homesteading Gear

Having the right tool for the job, and being able to maintain and repair them is key to any homesteading endeavour - we’ve got high quality, high functioning tools that along with the land and buildings, one can be passed down to future generations .
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Our Homesteading Gear

We stock only the best in Homesteading Gear so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Wool Jacket (2017 Model)
Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Wool Jacket (2017 Model)The Filson Mackinaw Cruiser jacket was introduced in 1914, and even today, is still just as warm, functional and durable. The updated Mackinaw Cruiser features a slightly tapered fit down the sides of the jacket, and is true to size.
Moose and Deer Gauntlet Mitts
Moose and Deer Gauntlet MittsOur Canadian made moose and deer hide gauntlet mitts are tough, durable and warm. Moose and deer leather is naturally water repellant, and stays soft and supple in the cold, unlike cow's leather. Available in normal or one-fingered models.
Gransfors Bruks Splitting Maul
Gransfors Bruks Splitting MaulDesigned for splitting apart large chunks of wood, or "rounds". The poll is designed for pounding on a splitting wedge.
One Man Premium Lynx Brand 3ft Crosscut Saw
One Man Premium Lynx Brand 3ft Crosscut SawThe Lynx brand 3ft (914mm) crosscut saw by Thomas Flinn & Co is manufactured in Sheffield, England, features a Great American toothing patten, and large gullets for effective clearing of cut material. Each Lynx saw comes standard with an auxiliary handle, which can be used to assist cutting when used by one person, or as a secondary handle for use by a second person.
Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe - 16
Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe - 16The Council Tool Wood-Craft 16" Camp Carver axe is designed to be a multi-use bushcraft/camping axe, and is excellent for those looking to get into green woodworking/carving. Featuring 1.6lb head and a 16" handle, the Camp Carver axe is a great axe for carvers, bushcrafters, green-woodworkers, trappers, hunters, backpackers, day-hikers, off-road bikers, campers, paddlers, tradesmen, ranchers, homesteaders, hobbyists and collectors.
Hestra Fält Guide Gloves
Hestra Fält Guide GlovesThe Fält Guide Glove is the ultimate outdoor work glove. Named after Swedish survival and bushcraft expert Lars Fält who helped design the glove, the Fält glove is built tough to endure, and includes a removable wool liner.
Bee's Wax Candles
Bee's Wax CandlesOur bee's wax candles come from Ontario apiaries, and are available in five sizes: 40, 35 and 20 hour emergency candles, a smaller lantern candle, and bee's wax tea lights.
Moose Mitts - Made in Canada
Moose Mitts - Made in CanadaA good pair of moose mitts are hard to beat. Tough, durable, and naturally water repellant, they can be treated with waxes and oils to provide waterproofing, and feature a removable and washable liner. Made in Canada.
Forged Iron Hooks
Forged Iron HooksOur Canadian made forged iron hooks are simple, rugged, and sturdy - perfect for suspending billy pots from tripods, or hanging gear from ridge lines at camp. Hooks can be used in conjunction with each other to suspend items at the correct height. Available in 3 sizes.
Hestra Njord Work Gloves
Hestra Njord Work GlovesHestra Njord lined work gloves provide a hard-wearing leather glove that can be used with or without it's wool liner, and are perfect for dealing with hot and/or dirty stoves, grills, or any other chores that require hand protection.
Bee's Wax Bars For Wooden Handles
Bee's Wax Bars For Wooden HandlesOur bee's wax bars come from Ontario apiaries, and are made to be used to treat wooden axe and knife handles after oiling as a final finish and to increase grip. Wax bars can also be applied to axe heads to help prevent corrosion.
Frost River Great Northern Chopper Mitts
Frost River Great Northern Chopper MittsFrost River's Great Northern Chopper Mitts are made in the USA from Frost's 10.10 oz waxed canvas, and feature a buckskin palm re-inforcement, 300g polar fleece lining, and solid brass snap hook and o-ring hardware.
Two Person Premium Lynx Brand 4ft Crosscut Saw
Two Person Premium Lynx Brand 4ft Crosscut SawThe Lynx brand two man (or woman) crosscut saw by Thomas Flinn & Co are manufactured in Sheffield, England, features large, peg toothing (which cuts on the push and the pull strokes), beech handles, and are re-sharpenable using a file. Available in 4ft (1220 mm), 5ft (1524mm) lengths.
Hestra Skullman Outdoor Gloves
Hestra Skullman Outdoor GlovesHestra's Skullman unlined work glove is a versatile, hardwearing glove for general outdoor use: excellent around camp for wood related tasks (collecting, processing, chopping, etc..) handling hot grills, dealing with hot and/or dirty stoves or any other chores that require hand protection.
Hestra Replacement Wool Glove Liner
Hestra Replacement Wool Glove LinerHestra's replacement wool glove liners for Lars Falt Guide Gloves can be used with Falt Guide Gloves, but also other Hestra gloves, provided sizing is adequate to support a liner. Made from a wool/nylon blend for the perfect balance of warmth retention and durability.
Frost River Pennsylvania Chopper Mitts
Frost River Pennsylvania Chopper MittsFrost River's Pennsylvania Chopper Mitts are shell over mitts made from Frost River's 10.10 waxed canvas (same material used on their packs) with a reinforced buckskin palm - sized generously to allow for movement of digits when in use.
One Man Premium Lynx Brand 3ft Crosscut Saw - Champion Tooth
One Man Premium Lynx Brand 3ft Crosscut Saw - Champion ToothThe Lynx brand 3ft (914mm) Champion Tooth crosscut saw by Thomas Flinn & Co is manufactured in Sheffield, England, features a Champion toothing pattern, with separate cutting and raking teeth, making it ideal for processing softwoods, or green hardwoods. Each Lynx saw comes standard with an auxiliary handle, which can be used to assist cutting when used by one person, or as a secondary handle for use by a second person.
Bahco Tapered Triangular Saw File
Bahco Tapered Triangular Saw FileThe Bahco Tapered Saw File is a triangular shaped saw file that is used to sharpen the teeth of crosscut saws (such as our Lynx one man crosscut saws ).
Flat Saw File
Flat Saw FileThis Swiss made flat saw file (22mm wide x 4.5mm thick) is designed for sharpening the gullets of the Lynx one man crosscut saw (great American tooth pattern).
Gränsfors Bruk Carpenter's Axe
Gränsfors Bruk Carpenter's AxeThe Gransfors Bruk Carpenter's Axe features a straight edged, thin profile blade that is perfectly suited for precision notching, shaving and other carving tasks. The straight hickory handle supports a variety of grips throughout its length, and the blade itself supports a balanced grip on the head itself when doing finer work.
Chromium Oxide Paste
Chromium Oxide PasteChromium Oxide paste is used to coat a leather strop with very fine particulate that works to smooth and refine knife or axe edges after sharpening, increasing the keenness of a sharpened edge.
Sportes Log Bag 3
Sportes Log Bag 3This made in Canada Log Bag offers three configurations for using either as a self contained tote, a regular sized log bag for split wood, or extended log bag for bigger dimensional lumber or longer branches.
Forged Iron Mini Tripod - Pot Support
Forged Iron Mini Tripod - Pot SupportMade smaller and portable for taking out into the field, our mini forged iron tripod offers either traditional three legged set-up, or can be used with 2 legs used as posts for a vertical crossbeam configuration. Made in Canada.
Fallkniven DC521 Diamond Bench Stone
Fallkniven DC521 Diamond Bench StoneThe Fallkniven DC521 bench stone offers two very different kinds of stones; The yellow side is a fast and aggressive diamond stone, while the dark side is a slow, very fine ceramic stone. Both surfaces are precision flat, which is a prerequisite for perfect sharpening results.
Forged Iron Tripod/Pot Support
Forged Iron Tripod/Pot SupportOur Canadian made forged iron tripods are used for suspending pots over fires, and can be configured either as a single pot support, or as a pot stand to facilitate using multiple cooking vessels simultaneously.
Double Sided Paddle Strop
Double Sided Paddle StropOur wide, two sided paddle strop features one side with grain leather, the other with flesh side leather, providing two surfaces for the use of different compounds, or for applying chromium oxide to one side, and leaving the other as a final, leather only stropping surface.
One Man Premium Lynx Brand 4ft Crosscut Saw
One Man Premium Lynx Brand 4ft Crosscut SawThe Lynx brand 4ft (1219mm) crosscut saw by Thomas Flinn & Co, like it's smaller 3ft brother, features sharpenable Great American patterned teeth, an auxiliary handle for one or two person operation, and is manufactured in Sheffield, England.
Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe - 22
Wood-Craft Camp Carver Axe - 22The new Council Tool Wood-Craft 22" Camp Carver axe features the same 1.6lb head as the 16" handle version, but has a longer, 22" (56cm) handle: useful for one, or two-handed use. Designed as a multi-purpose bushcraft/camping axe that excels at green woodworking/carving.
Filson Mackinaw Bib Field Pants
Sold Out Filson Mackinaw Bib Field PantsThese heavyweight mackinaw wool bibs are durable and warm. The natural insulating qualities of Filson's 100% virgin wool provides a combination of breathable comfort and water-repellent performance. Made in USA.
Filson Double Mackinaw Cruiser Wool Jacket
Sold Out Filson Double Mackinaw Cruiser Wool JacketThe Filson Double Mackinaw Cruiser is two layers of 24 oz. mackinaw wool - a one-piece cape sewn over Filson's Mackinaw Cruiser style jacket. Four large utility pockets and hand warmer pockets in front, plus a full-width back map pocket that creates another full double layer.
Large Carving Axe - Double Edged
Sold Out Large Carving Axe - Double EdgedThe Gransfors Large Carving axe is designed for woodworking with a large swept blade that is double-ground for both left and right handed use. It features a 2.2 lb head, and a 14.5" handle that is purposely uneven to allow for superior grip and control.
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