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COEC's Choice in Outdoor Axes, Knives and Saws

Types of Outdoor Axes, Knives and Saws

Gransfors Bruk Axes Hand made by professional smiths in a small factory in Sweden, once you use a Gransfors Bruk axe, very few axes will do.
Council Tool Axes Council Tool has been making edged tools in North Carolina, USA since 1886. Lifetime warrantied premium axes. 100% American sourced metals, woods, leather and accessories.
Gransfors, Council and Wetterlings Axe Handles Hickory replacement handles for Gransfors and Council Tool axes. Replacement Guide.
Helle Knives Helle knives are hand made in Norway by skilled craftsmen with quality materials and come with a lifetime guarantee.
Mora Knives Making knives since the 1600's, Mora Knives give you unparalleled performance and functionality for the money with models that will fit any budget.
Casström Knives Casstrom Knives are a perfect blend of Scandinavian knife making tradition and modern manufacturing techniques. Functional, beautiful, and long lasting.
TBS Outdoor Knives TBS Military Knives are born out of a collaboration with the British Military Survival Training Team. Made to exacting standards in Europe with Austrian Bholers N690 Stainless Steel.
Specialty Knives Specialty knives include limited edition runs, and other specially made, special edition knives.
Crosscut Saws For times when an axe isn't the best choice for collecting or processing wood, we offer a variety of saws to suit your purpose.
Log Lifting Tongs & Log Hooks These handy tools make handling logs and cut wood easier, and quicker than the use of hands alone. Able to facilitate the dragging of downed trees, gripping of timbers, and grasping of firewood, log lifters and log tongs are a must for anyone dealing with bush lots, trails, or cottages, or camps.
Axe, Knife and Saw Maintenance Heirloom tools require periodic maintenance on the blades and handles - we've got the products you need to keep your tools in A1 condition.
Sharpening Implements Sharpen your axes, knives and saws to keep them functioning at their best. Diamond stones, whetstones, strops, hones, steels - we've got your sharpening needs covered.
Axe Sheaths and Holsters Our replacement axe sheaths and holsters ensure you have a long lasting, dependable method of carrying, housing, and keeping your axe at the ready.

Expert Advice

Outdoor Axes

The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. had it's genesis in trying to answer one question while on a canoe trip with lousy gear: if we could have just one piece of kit out here, what would it be? The answer for us, in the boreal forest was an axe. From an axe one can build a shelter, and create fire. An axe can function like a knife, but is capable of much heavier work. It assists in gathering materials, and shaping tools. It allows you to keep a fire fed, and can provide protection from not only the elements, but from other dangers you may encounter.


While a good axe is indispensable, a knife comes in a close second when in the outdoors. In our experience the function of axe, knife and saw are best kept separate, so you will not find large, serrated monster “chopper” survival knives at The Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. Axes are for chopping. Knives are for knife work: utility use, food prep, skinning and processing game, woodworking, bushcraft, and using in emergency situations.

Our preference are knives made in Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway), where knives have been used for over a millennia. Made to be agile, light, and very sharp whilst being easily field sharpen-able, our knives will become a trusty companion when spending time outdoors where a keen, durable edge allows one not just to survive, but to thrive in the outdoors.


Saws are the third member of the “holy trinity” of cutting tools. Useful when using an axe is not practical (in tight spaces, in conditions where their use would be unsafe, or for bucking up large timbers), saws should be matched to the diameter of wood they are cutting to provide quick, effective performance whether you choose a folding pocket saw, a collapsible buck saw, or a two man crosscut saw.

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