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Barrel Buckets

Barrel Buckets

The Recreational Barrel Works Barrel Bucket provides the means for keeping items organized and easily accessible in 60L, 30L, or 20L canoe barrels.
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$16.50 - $18.25
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Canoe barrels are great, but keeping things organized can be a challenge - ask anyone who's had to empty the barrel contents to get to that one bag of rice at the bottom. With Recreational Barrel Works Barrel Buckets, keeping foodstuffs or other items organized is easy, and the buckets strap handle makes getting them in and out of barrels a cinch.

Made from 200D pack cloth, and machine washable, 3 barrel buckets will fit into a 60L barrel (with room for 2 more pocket organizers), while 30L and 20L barrels can accommodate 2 barrel buckets, again with room for 2 pocket organizers.

Keep your barrels contents organized and easily accessible with barrel buckets.

Height: 18cm
Diameter: 30cm
Weight: 100g

Height: 22cm
Diameter: 23cm
Weight: 75g


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