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RBW Wannigan Harness

RBW Wannigan Harness

Designed to be used with wannigans, coolers, or other cases that would not otherwise be easy to portage, the new RBW Wannigan Harness with included Super Tump makes quick work of carrying all sorts of odd shaped or sized containers.

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For old-school paddlers, wannigans are well loved accoutrements of many a back-country trip. Usually carried by means of a tump line only, RBW now introduces a harness system with included tump line for easier and more comfortable hauling of not only wannigans, but also coolers, pelican cases, ammunition cases, propane tanks, etc..

Comprised of two vertical and two horizontal 1" straps fed through slip lock and tension lock buckles and daisy chain, with quick-release buckles on the vertical straps for easy access into gear, the RBW Wannigan Harness sports 4 high-vis handles for easy lifting in and out of watercraft or other vehicles, and a padded back pad and adjustable shoulder straps allow a load to be carried as high or low on one's back as they desire. The included padded detachable Super Tump allows for the use of a tump line if so desired.

Features of the RBW Wannigan Harness

  • Fits wannigans (wooden or plastic), coolers, pelican cases, ammunition cases, etc..
  • Extra comfy padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap.
  • Shoulder straps can be adjusted to carry the wannigan as low or high on your back as desired.
  • 4 x high visibility yellow handles. One on each side for easy handling.
  • Back pad of reticulated foam (¾”) over a layer of dense EVA foam (½”) means comfort for your back.
  • Adjustable horizontal and vertical webbing straps enable fitting to many different sizes of wannigans/coolers/etc.
  • Reinforcement on – handles, shoulder straps and tumpline connection points.
  • Super Tump, Shoulder Straps and Back Pad can be attached/detached to configure for your portaging style.


Fits box shapes:
Maximum Circumference Horizontally: 231cm / 91"
Maximum Circumference Vertically: 170cm / 67"
Minimum Circumference Horizontally: 152cm / 60"
Minimum Circumference Vertically: 122cm / 48"
Material: Nylon webbing
Weight: 0.46kg/ 1.0 lbs

Wannigans, camera cases not included.

RBW Wannigan Harness
BrandRecreational Barrel Works


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