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Outdoor Trip Planning Books, Maps and DVDs

Our books, dvds, maps and compasses help you prepare for your time outdoors adding to both your safety and your comfort.
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About Outdoor Trip Planning Books, Maps and DVDs

"The more you know, the less you carry" - Mors Kochanski.

Having good information about the area you’re travelling into via maps, field guides, and route planners along with good outdoor skills and knowledge can add to your safety, comfort and contentment when in the outdoors. Become expert, and as Mors says, it can even lighten your load. We offer various books, DVD’s, maps and the all important compass to facilitate learning, and familiarizing oneself with the skills, techniques and areas of travel.

Types of Outdoor Trip Planning Books, Maps and DVDs

Books About the Outdoors Books about all things outdoors - be they canoe guides by Kevin Callan, bushcraft skills by Mor Kochanski or Ray Mears, emergency medical guides, field guides for plants and animals - we have all your outdoor books needs.
Wilderness DVDs Wilderness DVD collections from Mors Kochamski (Bushcraft Series), Ray Mears, Les Stroud, Dick Proenekke (Alone in the Wilderness) and more.
Canada Map Books Made to print Canada backroad map books, hiking trail maps and canoe routes from experts including Kevin Callan, Jeff McMurtry, Mors Kochanski, Ray Mears, Les Stroud and more.

Our Outdoor Trip Planning Books, Maps and DVDs

We stock only the best in Outdoor Trip Planning Books, Maps and DVDs so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
The Adventure Map Franklin, Mink & McCoy Islands
The Adventure Map Franklin, Mink & McCoy IslandsA 1:30,000 scale waterproof map that includes Franklin Island and its satellite islands, the Mink Islands, and the McCoy Islands. This area of Georgian Bay is an essential destination for any sea kayaking enthusiast, the pristine wilderness of these islands makes for a beautiful and scenic trip.
Kevin Callan's Wilderness Pleasures
Kevin Callan's Wilderness PleasuresDo you love camping except for “that one part” (portaging, bugs, bad weather, second-rate food, sleeping bags, rocks, uphill hikes, downhill tumbles, tippy canoes, or, let’s face it, life without a toilet)? With his trademark mix of comic tales and expertise, veteran guide Kevin Callan reveals the secrets to smooth paddling and pleasure-filled camping. Topics include choosing the right trip, camping companion harmony, best camping gadgets and clothing, sleeping softly on hard ground, traveling light but eating well, bush martinis, close encounters of the wildlife kind, skinny-dipping, and how to make love in a canoe.
Alaska - Silence and Solitude
Alaska - Silence and SolitudeAlaska Silence & Solitude is the follow up to "Alone in the Wilderness", filmed 20 years later. Bob Swerer and Bob Swerer Sr. visit Dick Proenneke at his famous cabin on Twin Lakes where the wildlife is still abundant and the scenery is spectacular.
Mors Kochanski - Clothing & Sleeping Bags DVD
Mors Kochanski - Clothing & Sleeping Bags DVDOn this 113 minute Mors Kochanski DVD, Mors makes clear that nothing out ranks clothing as the most significant factor in successful survival in the Northern Forest. How much and what types of clothing work best in the Northern Forest? Watch this DVD and find out!
Mors Kochanski - Sticks as Tools and Implements
Mors Kochanski - Sticks as Tools and ImplementsIn this 94 minute DVD snowshoes, pack frames, saw frames and axe handles; Mors Kochanski covers these exceptionally handy tools for wilderness living that will make your stay in the woods more comfortable.
Compact Guide to Ontario Birds
Compact Guide to Ontario BirdsOver 80 species of birds common to Ontario are featured in this easy-to-use introductory field guide. Colour illustrations and extensive natural history are featured in each two-page account.
Mammals of Canada
Mammals of CanadaThe mighty polar bear. The plucky beaver. The majestic caribou. These iconic animals are etched in our national consciousness (and on our coins), but they represent only a small fraction of the amazing variety of mammals found in Canada's wild.
Weather of Ontario
Weather of OntarioHere in Ontario, the weather can range from mild and wet in the south, to hot and humid in Toronto, to heavy flurries and cold in the north. Join acclaimed Ontario meteorologist Phil ''The Forecaster'' Chadwick as he explores this ever-fascinating subject.
Cory Trepanier - Into The Arctic Two
Cory Trepanier - Into The Arctic TwoFor years, artist Cory Trepanier has explored some of the most wild places in Canada. Few have walked in these landscapes. Even fewer have captured them on canvas. Now he's going further, into remote lands that are more challenging and more dangerous. Into a breathtaking arctic wilderness to experience and paint a land that might never be the same again.
Mors Kochanski - The Grand Syllabus
Mors Kochanski - The Grand SyllabusMors Kochanski's new book The Grand Syllabus is an “all inclusive” syllabus of topics taught by Mors Kochanski at the University level, in his Extended Summer and Winter Courses, and in his Survival Instructor Trainee Program. Designed for the instructor or serious student, it is an excellent companion text to Mors' now classic "Bushcraft" for those looking to expand on their skill set.
A Paddler's Guide to the Rivers of Ontario and Quebec
A Paddler's Guide to the Rivers of Ontario and QuebecA guide to the twenty top river trips through the wilds of Ontario and Quebec, including detailed route descriptions, maps showing all access points, important river features and accurate portage lengths - including the Rideau Canal, Saugeen River, Oxtongue, Little Bonnechere, Mattawa, Sturgeon, West Montreal River and more!
Spirit Animals
Spirit AnimalsOur Aboriginal Elders tell of a time when animals and humans could speak to each other. When humans became too greedy and killed more animals than they needed for food, the Creator changed that relationship to protect the animals. So the Creator made a Spirit Animal to represent each one and granted them gifts they could give to people.
Hamilton and Area Hikes
Hamilton and Area HikesThe Hamilton area is home to over 100 waterfalls, and Hamilton and Area Hikes takes you to over 20 of them, and also includes loop hike routes in Stoney Creek, Dundas Valley, Paris, Grand River, Brantford, Cootes Paradise and Oshweken amongst others - with route lengths from 2.5 to 23.5 km in the Hamilton area and Brant County.
The Adventure Map Dundas Valley Conservation Area
The Adventure Map Dundas Valley Conservation AreaA 1:10,000 scale, waterproof map of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. This 1200 hectare section along the Niagara Escarpment includes a section of the Bruce Trail, Carolinian forests, meadows, streams, and is an excellent destination for hiking, biking and horseback riding. It's ultra large scale ensures exceptional detail of the trail, topographic info and the area's vegetation.
One Mans Wilderness
One Mans WildernessIn 1973 (long before YouTube and the current crop of imitators) Sam Keith wrote a tribute to Dick Proenneke using Dick's daily journals as source material. Proenneke was the original "back to the land" inspiration - he spent many years living on his own, forging his own path, and making his mark on the lands of Twin Lakes Alaska, and outdoor culture as a whole.
The Adventure Map® Missinaibi 1 - Lakes Area
The Adventure Map® Missinaibi 1 - Lakes AreaThe Missinaibi River is the longest unbroken stretch of river for paddling in Ontario. This map features Missinaibi Lake, and Little Missinaibi Lake, which both offer beautiful cliffs, old growth trees and pictograph sites. This map also covers paddling areas outside the park, such as Shumka/Missinabie Route in Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. View backcountry campsites, portages, access points and points of historical interest, all at a waterproof scale of 1:50,000.
The Adventure Map Missinaibi 2 - Missinaibi Lake to Mattice
The Adventure Map Missinaibi 2 - Missinaibi Lake to MatticeThis second guide in the Missinabi series covers 191 kms of water: from the north end of Missinaibi Lake to the Town of Mattice. Access to this area can be difficult, so to help in your preplanning stage, Chrismar added information about travel options to reach this destination, including car, shuttles, trains, and outfitters.
The Adventure Map Oxtongue River Provincial Park
The Adventure Map Oxtongue River Provincial ParkOxtongue River & Ragged Falls Provincial Park is a gem located just west of Algonquin Park. This Waterproof map showcases Canoe Lake and Smoke Lake in Algonquin, to Oxtongue Lake, with several access points, and hiking trails to choose from.
Ray Goodwin Canoeing- Second Edition
Ray Goodwin Canoeing- Second EditionRay Goodwin is known as the UK’s foremost canoe coach, and his book covers all aspects of the open canoe, from wilderness travel and design, with a focus on canoeing techniques. New to the second edition, is a section on vision pattern, a method of creating a map of a rapid. The second edition also dives deep into new solo rescue techniques, canoeing with children, and advanced lining and tracking.
Your Guide to Halton Region
Your Guide to Halton RegionThere are many conservation areas, agreement forests, and other protected areas within Halton Region. At a scale of 1:80:000, this map covers them, and all the Halton Region watersheds, stretching from Georgetown and Hamilton, scenic drives, birding areas, caving, pick your own farms, canoe and kayak launches, fishing and more.This paper map is great for travelling, because you'll be able to see the entirety of the area on all your adventures.
Temagami Planning Map
Temagami Planning Map This general reference, paper map, is great for the at home planning phase of your trip to Temagami. The large, but small scale paper map, covers all the Ontario parks in the area, plus conservation areas, and crown land.
The Massasauga Planning Map
The Massasauga Planning MapStretching from Parry Sound to Moon River, Massasauga Provincial Park is located on the eastern shore of Georgian Bay and features hundreds of islands and inland lakes and forests - ideal for hiking, portaging and paddling.
Waterfalls of Ontario
Waterfalls of OntarioA guide to exploring Ontario's most beautiful waterfalls. With GPS coordinates, and accurate driving directions for each fall, this book will not only guide you there but dig deep into features with colour photographs, history, geography, and waterfall characteristics.
125 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario
125 Nature Hot Spots in OntarioNewly revised, 125 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario has been organized by region, and features 15 new destinations to explore. The guide gives you an inside look to the amazing natural range that Ontario has to offer, from the warbler capital of North America, to soaring clifftops, the oldest rock on earth, and the province's tallest white pine.
UTM Corner Ruler Adventure Racing
UTM Corner Ruler Adventure RacingThe UTM corner ruler Adventure Racing is useful when plotting or measuring a GPS position onto a topographic map, as a corner ruler will allow for very precise measurements to be made within the existing map grid square.
UTM Slot Tool
UTM Slot ToolThis tool gives you 14 of the most commonly used topographic map scales in a single card about the size of a CD. The slot style tool gives easy access to the map for marking, while maintaining superior accuracy.
 Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park Map
Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park MapThis official Ontario Parks map of the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park offers detailed information on access points, canoe routes, portage lengths, campsite locations, topography and other useful and interesting information to help plan and navigate your trip in the Kawartha Highlands.
Mors Kochanski - Blades: Sharpening & Safe Use
Sold Out Mors Kochanski - Blades: Sharpening & Safe UseOn this DVD, Mors Kochanski delves into axes and knives, and how to sharpen and maintain a razor edge for use in bushcraft and survival.
Kevin Callan's Weekend Wilderness Adventures in Southern Ontario
Sold Out Kevin Callan's Weekend Wilderness Adventures in Southern OntarioAuthored by renowned canoeist and outdoorsman Kevin Callan, this book covers the Ontario region closest to the American border and just a couple hours drive from Toronto. Here are 20 perfect quick-getaway canoe routes for one-, two- and three-day paddles. All are easy on the portages, big on the rewards of nature and not too far from your own backyard. These routes offer a variety of experiences, from cushy trips for novice paddlers to more challenging excursions for experienced canoeists.
Dazed but Not Confused - Tales of a Wilderness Wanderer
Sold Out Dazed but Not Confused - Tales of a Wilderness WandererKevin Callan presents his best adventures -- and misadventures -- in the wilderness. Entertaining, yet enlightening, the stories are full of enthusiasm and are designed to get people to explore the wilderness on their own, and it's hoped, be inspired to protect what's still left.
A Paddler's Guide to Ontario's Lost Canoe Routes
Sold Out A Paddler's Guide to Ontario's Lost Canoe RoutesLooking for less travelled, quieter canoe routes? A Paddler's Guide to Ontario's Lost Canoe Routes provides 15 little known, obscure trips that range from two to eight days, involve all types of water, and are suitable for canoeists of all skill levels.
Cory Trepanier - Into The Arctic
Sold Out Cory Trepanier - Into The Arctic"Into the Arctic" is the dramatic story of artist Cory Trepanier's first leg of his multi-year quest to explore and paint the vast wilderness of the Canadian Arctic.
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