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Originally designed for the Finnish military, Savotta packs are highly functional, modular, and made to last.
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coec choiceSavotta Trinket PocketsSavotta Trinket Pockets $18.00 - $29.75
coec choiceSavotta Side PouchesSavotta Side Pouches $67.00 - $89.50
coec choiceSavotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta Mesh Roll Top Stuff Sack $33.25 - $55.00
coec choiceSavotta Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack)Jaakari M (Jääkäri-Backpack) $329.50 - $344.75
coec choiceJaakari S ((Mini Jääkäri Daypack)Jaakari S (Mini Jääkäri Daypack) $201.75 - $214.75
coec choiceJaakari L (Rajajääkäri)Jaakari L (Rajajääkäri) $539.00 - $559.25
new Savotta Kukkaro Hip PackSavotta Kukkaro Hip Pack $101.00 - $103.50coec choiceSavotta FDF Sleeping MatSavotta FDF Sleeping Mat $124.75
coec choiceSavotta Water BagSavotta Water Bag $44.75
Savotta 210D Rolltop StuffsackSavotta 210D Rolltop Stuffsack $33.25 - $58.75
Savotta Pack StrapsSavotta Pack Straps $14.25 - $19.25Savotta Elastic Strap KeepersSavotta Elastic Strap Keepers $13.00Savotta Hatka 12L DaypackHatka 12L Daypack $125.25 - $140.50
Savotta Backpack/Rucksack Rain CoverSavotta Backpack/Rucksack Rain Cover $38.25 - $58.75
Savotta 500D Roll Top Stuff SackSavotta 500D Roll Top Stuff Sack $71.75 - $98.50
Savotta PALS/MOLLE Compatible Side Release Female BuckleSavotta PALS/MOLLE Compatible Side Release Female Buckle $2.75Savotta Elastic Cord Kit Savotta Elastic Cord Kit $14.00newSavotta Askare Hip PackSavotta Askare Hip Pack $152.00 - $161.00Savotta Universal Sternum StrapsSavotta Universal Sternum Straps $12.50
Savotta Elastic OrganizersSavotta Elastic Organizers $10.25 - $13.00
Savotta Keikka Backpack Harness Savotta Keikka Backpack Harness $57.50
Savotta Keikka 50L Duffle BagSavotta Keikka 50L Duffle Bag $305.25
Savotta Keikka 30L Duffle BagSavotta Keikka 30L Duffle Bag $260.50
Savotta Vertical Pocket - LargeSavotta Vertical Pocket - Large $57.75 - $62.75
Savotta Keikka 80L Duffle BagSavotta Keikka 80L Duffle Bag $366.50
Savotta Vertical Pocket - MediumSavotta Vertical Pocket - Medium $46.50
Savotta PALS/MOLLE 2M Split-bar Warrior BuckleSavotta PALS/MOLLE 2M Split-Bar Warrior Buckle $2.75Jaakari M Aluminium FrameJääkäri M Aluminium Frame $38.50
Savotta MPP Foam MatSavotta MPP Foam Mat $27.50
Sold OutJaakari XL (Jääkäri Rucksack)Jaakari XL (Jääkäri Rucksack)
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Sold OutSavotta Vertical Pocket - SmallSavotta Vertical Pocket - Small
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Sold OutSavotta Horizontal Pocket - SmallSavotta Horizontal Pocket - Small
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Sold OutSavotta Horizontal Pocket - MediumSavotta Horizontal Pocket - Medium
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Sold OutSavotta Military Canteen PocketSavotta Canteen Pocket
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About Savotta

Savotta backpacks and accessories are made in Finland as they have been for over 60 years. Designed for and used by the Finnish military, Savotta backpacks and rucksacks are built to be highly functional, modular, and are made to last.

Through the use of internal and external framing systems, very large or heavy loads can be carried, and a logical, well thought out system of roll-tops, pockets, and PALS (MOLLE) webbing, means that the packs can be customized to suit every users exact needs and conditions - whether hunting, bushcrafting, day or expedition hiking.

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