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Emergency First Aid Kits

Emergency first aid kits ought to accompany one during all outdoor activities - be it a small day kit for cuts and scrapes to multi-day excursion kits with sutures and tourniquets.
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About Emergency / First Aid

Having an emergency or first aid kit while outdoors is essential. It can come in handy for things as simple as blisters, splinters, and cuts, but can be invaluable if things get more serious. We offer several first aid kits, based on how many people are in your party, and how long you are planning to be out. Waterproof kits provide protection of your supplies even if your boat capsizes, or if your pack gets wet. It is important to realize that pharmaceuticals (pain killers, anti-nausea pills, antihistamine, loperamide) cannot be sold with Canadian kits, so these should be added after purchase.

Our Emergency / First Aid

We stock only the best in Emergency / First Aid so you can rest assured knowing you're COEC Equipped.
Exotac ripSPOOL Field Repair Kit
Exotac ripSPOOL Field Repair KitThe Exotac ripSPOOL field repair kit features a lightweight integrated, gasketed aluminum receptacle with 18m of 30lb test braided line, 1.25m of heavy duty repair tape, a #16 sail needle, an attached 550 firecord lanyard, and room for storing emergency fishing gear, safety pins, etc..
FORJ Repair Tape
FORJ Repair TapeFORJ repair tape is somewhat of a wonder material. Incredibly strong once heated, it can be used to repair broken tool handles, paddles, canoe seats and gunnels, can function like a chain, line, or rivets, and can even assist when treating fractured or broken bones.
Outdoor Emergency Medical Handbook
Outdoor Emergency Medical HandbookThe Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook is an essential guide to emergency medical procedures away from home, and provides easy-to-follow advice on how to prevent, treat and care for illnesses and injuries while outdoors or traveling.
Bee's Wax Candles
Bee's Wax CandlesOur bee's wax candles come from Ontario apiaries, and are available in five sizes: 40, 35 and 20 hour emergency candles, a smaller lantern candle, and bee's wax tea lights.
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Narrow Zipper Replacement ZipperBroken zippers are normally the death knell of many products. ZlideOn from Sweden have designed a quick and easy zipper replacement mechanism for quick and easy restoration of zippers on sleeping bags, garments, bags, packs and more.
ZlideOn Replacement Metal Zipper
ZlideOn Replacement Metal ZipperFor most products, their end of life can largely be defined by when the zippers give out. We all have jackets, packs, bags, etc..where once the zipper goes, the product is essentially rendered useless - but it doesn't have to be that way. ZlideOn replacement zippers from Sweden install in a matter of seconds, and provide a means of restoring functionality to zippers where the zip slider mechanism has failed or is damaged - thereby allowing for repair, and extending the life cycle of products with zippers. Hooray!!
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Plastic Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure has normally meant the end of the road for many products - especially packs or bags, where installing a whole new zipper assembly would be difficult or impossible. Thanks to ZlideOn, zippers with faulty zip mechanisms can now be easily repaired in under 30 seconds - giving new life to garments, packs and bags where a zipper has failed.
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement Zipper
ZlideOn Waterproof Zipper Replacement ZipperZipper failure usually means the end of road for garments, packs and bags - especially ones with waterproof zippers. Fortunately, ZlideOn from Sweden comes to the resuce with replacement zipper sliders specifically designed for waterproof zippers - don't discard, repair!
Tenacious Tape Outdoor Gear Repair Tape
Tenacious Tape Outdoor Gear Repair Tape When field repairs need to be made quickly, Tenacious Tape is a strong, weatherproof tape that features an ultra aggressive adhesive that won’t peel off when applied to polyester, fleece, rubber, non oiled leather, GORE-TEX and other technical fabrics including nylon and vinyl.
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .7
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .7The Ultralight/Watertight .7 medical kit is designed for 1 - 2 people for trips up to 4 days in length. Perfect for canoe trips, hiking, cycling, skiing, climbing and more.
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .9
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .9The Ultralight/Watertight .9 medical kit is designed for 1 - 4 people for trips up to 4 days in length. Perfect for backcountry skiing, campsites / base camps, hiking and backpacking, kayaking, rafting and kayaking trip leaders, sea kayaking and more.
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & WatertightThe .5 is a great kit for one-to-two-day solo trips when you want an ultralight, waterproof kit with basic first aid essentials.
Sil-Net Silicone Tent Sealant
Sil-Net Silicone Tent SealantSilicone tent sealant can be used to waterproof seams on tarps and tents, but also to repair small holes in tarps, tents, ponchos, and winter tents, and is the only sealant that works with silicone treated fabrics.
Adventure Medical Kits - Sportsman Bighorn First Aid Kit
Adventure Medical Kits - Sportsman Bighorn First Aid KitThe Adventure Medical Sportsman Bighorn Kits is designed for groups of hunters on extended trips. Featuring a detachable Field Trauma kit for day trips away from base camp, and supplies like QuikClot, trauma pads, petrolatum gauze, and triangular bandages the Bighorn Kit treats the most frequently sustained hunting/fishing injuries.
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .3
Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight & Watertight .3The .Ultralight/Watertight .3 medical kit is perfect for 1 person on a 1-2 day trip, and stows easily in purses, bike bags, glove compartments and back packs.
Adventure Medical Kits - Field Trauma First Aid Kit (CLONE)
Adventure Medical Kits - Field Trauma First Aid Kit (CLONE)Adventure Medical's Sportsman's Kits are designed with hunters and fisherman (and fisherwomen) in mind. Good for groups of 1 - 4 for trips up to 4 days in length, the Whitetail Medical Kit is designed for everything from blisters, burns and strains to wounds from fish hooks, arrows or bullets.
Mountain Backpacker Medical Kit
Mountain Backpacker Medical KitThe Mountain Backpacker Medical Kit is designed up to 2 people for excursions up to 4 days in length, and includes supplies to deal with cuts and scrapes, splinters, ticks, blisters, bug bites, wounds and bleeding.
Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches
Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches Tenacious Tape Silnylon Patches provide a quick and easy way to fix torn ultralight gear. These silnylon patches are made from strong ripstop nylon, and are backed with a silicone based adhesive, and once installed are washable and weatherproof.
Mountain Mountaineer Medical Kit
Mountain Mountaineer Medical KitThe Mountain Mountaineer Medical Kit is the largest and most substantive of Adventure Medical's Mountain Series kits, is designed for groups of 10 people for up to 28 days, and covers a broad range of injuries - from scrapes and blisters to bleeding, fractures, and trauma. A good kit for mountaineering, backcountry trips, urban preparedness, expeditions, adventure travel, off roading, river trips, or as a comprehensive vehicle emergency kit.
Bushcraft Essentials JV Survival Card
Bushcraft Essentials JV Survival CardGerman survivalist expert Joe Vogel designed this card for emergency or survival situations where it becomes necessary to hunt fish, molluscs, crabs, or other high-quality small game food for sustenance.
Mountain Guide Medical Kit
Mountain Guide Medical KitThe Mountain Guide medical kit is designed for up to 7 people for 14 day expeditions, making it deal for guides, urban preparedness, off-roading, river trips, or as a comprehensive vehicle emergency kit, and includes supplies for everything from splinters and scrapes up to burns, serious wounds, fractures, and other emergencies.
Mountain Day Tripper Lite Medical Kit
Mountain Day Tripper Lite Medical KitSuper compact and lightweight, the Mountain Day Tripper Lite is a perfect little day trip medical kit for up to 2 people with supplies to treat cuts, scrapes, blisters, splinters, ticks and bug bites.
Seam Grip WP Sealant and Adhesive
Seam Grip WP Sealant and Adhesive Seam Grip WP is a urethane based tent and seam sealer for a variety of outdoor fabrics: nylon, vinyl, leather, canvas, polyester and PVC plastic (but not silicone treated fabrics). One tube can seal up to 12ft of tents, tarps and awnings etc, and creates a thin rubber seal that flexes and can withstand scrapes and scratches.
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper Multipacks
ZlideOn Replacement Zipper MultipacksZlideOn replacement zipper multipacks offer a range of sizes and zipper styles to replace zippers on metal, plastic, narrow and waterproof zippers. Quick and easy to install, ZlideOn replacement zippers are the eco-friendly way to extend the life of all your zippered gear.
Canadian Wilderness Survival
Sold Out Canadian Wilderness SurvivalWith so many more people accessing outdoor spaces these days, books like Canadian Wilderness Survival become all the more relevant and necessary. Bruce Zawalsky has created an excellent compendium that's 432 pages with over 500 pictures and illustrations covering the science, skills, and best paths to survival. Every Canadian heading into the bush, be it for canoeing, hiking, camping, hunting, ATVing, or other outdoor work or recreation should read and absorb Canadian Wilderness Survival before heading out - it could be a life saver.
Stormproof Matches
Sold Out Stormproof MatchesThe Starflash® signal mirror is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and floats!
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